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why life is better

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not sure?

hi all, i just found this site and am hoping someone can help? a few months ago, i started having "spells" at work where i would get really upset. the smallest things would get me so upset i couldn't stop thinking about it. it's only happened two times, but i took the anxiety test and it said i may have some symptoms of anxiety and panic. it also said i should take the results to my doctor. i'd like to see someone, but i guess i'm a little embarrassed, and i really don't want my husband to worry. has anyone else seen their doctor? what did you say? what did the doctor do? thank you.
New Here too

Welcome kendra,
Thank you for sharing your story and support with us. There are many people within this support group that share the same questions and concerns as you. We are all a group of individuals who support each other.

If you look to the left of the screen under "TOOLS" you will find many supportive tests. These tests are not diagnostic tools and are not a replacement or substitute for a physician's advice. The purpose of these tests is to prepare you with information that you can present to your physician. When you're finished the test, you can either print your Final Report or email it directly to your doctor.

We also have developed a Panic Program. This program is 12-weeks and involves the tools mentioned above. Each session is based on the previous session, so we strongly advise that you work slowly through the program and not jump ahead.

These tests may or may not be for you but they are "free". If you have any question or concerns with our “TOOLS”, you can contact us at We are the Support Specialist for The Panic Center and are open to any questions or concerns you may have.

Pleas continue to strive forward and lean on us for support.
Ashley, Health Educator
Cant cope anymore

Congratulations! Thats a big deal. The more you do things to challenge yourself the more confident you'll feel.  The hospital is a pretty scary place to be for anyone so good for you! Now that you have been through it, what advice would you give to others who may have to go to the doctors/hospital?
Our thoughts are with you while you wait. Keep us posted on how everything goes. We're here for you!
Ashley, Health Educator
Anxiety and Exercise

Good for you for challenging yourself!  Exercise has many positive effects on health and mood.  It is an excellent stress buffer.  It definitely helps to relax as well.  Feeling Lightheaded can occur from exercising.  You may want to talk to a personal trainer or doctor about your dizziness.  You should look into what you target heart rate should be.  This could ease your mind and motivate you while exercising. 
When you feel ready you should check out our sister sites that focus on healthy weight and smoking cessation.
Remember we are hear to support you!




Ashley, Health Educator
situational anxiety

Your anxiety is very common.  I know the time you are describing before the plane clears, I think is very anxiety provoking, even for people who normally don't have trouble with anxiety. 
I'm glad to here that you still fly despite of your anxiety.  Avoidance is the worst thing when you are trying to overcome.  You seem to have a lot of great coping skills.  Muscle relaxation may help as well.  Tense and relax all the muscles in your body.  It is more difficult to feel anxious when your body feels relaxed.  Also, keep in mind anxiety attacks usually do not last longer then 20 minutes.  Remind your self that the feeling is temporary and it WILL pass. 
Ashley, Health Educator
Diva news...

Its normal to get impatient and frustrated.  We are all here for you and happy to listen....or see I should say
Have a great long weekend!
Ashley, Health Educator
question about anxious thoughts

Brelaine welcome!  We are all here to help.
Creativity and intelligence is often common in people with anxiety disorders.  They are so intelligent and creative they make up horrible, elaborate stories in their head and then worry about them!
Pain often accompanies panic as panic is very hard on the body, normally causing strain and even pain in the chest, muscles and other areas of the body.
It sounds like you are feeling pain and then panic however...  Have you thought about talking to your doctor?  Tell him about some of the pains you are having.  He will most likely be able to reassure you and give you reasons why you are feeling the pain.  You can write what he says down and look at this information when you are feeling anxious. 
Also, some of your pain could be psychosomatic.  Because you are thinking about pain so often you are creating the pain.  Sort of the opposite of a placebo effect.  Mind over matter.  Sometimes realizing that you have control over how you feel makes a big difference.  I know its much easier said then done...  Try distracting yourself, try relaxation techniques and keep using the program. Stay strong we are all here for you.
Any other suggestions from members?
Ashley, Health Educator
Good Day with exposure!

Thanks so much for posting that sweatbee!  You are an inspiration to us.  You must feel so proud of yourself.  I hope you have planned a big reward for this weekend!
Ashley, Health Educator

Congratultions Jhori!
I'm glad you are feeling so well and you can share is with us!  Other then the medication, has there been any good coping strategies that has helped you improve so much.  Let us know.
Ashley, Health Educator
Behavior Change Stages

People are sometimes ambivalent about changing, as there may be losses as well as gains.

Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of changing, so you can, with a clear head, evaluate if you really want to change. Many people pass through a set of stages in the process of change:

Pre-contemplation, in which they aren’t thinking of change

Contemplation, in which they think of change in the next six months

Preparation, in which they plan change within the month

Action, speaks for itself,

Maintenance, in which they cope with errors in order to maintain their change.