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Dealing with depression and anxiety and starting to feel lonely.

Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-06-11 4:17 PM

Depression Community


hi :)

Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-06-11 4:06 PM

Depression Community


Friends who drink


2021-06-10 5:00 AM

Managing Drinking Community


Covid vaccine


2021-06-06 3:03 PM

Quit Smoking Community

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Name 3 values your Mom taught you.

Thank you for your message. I 'm glad you reminded us all just how important forgiveness, love and perseverance can be.
I hope you have a wonderful day,
Breanne, Bilingual Health Educator
sorry, don't read this I'm just venting.



I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better.


We are all here to support you. Stay strong!



Breanne, Bilingual Health Educator
Are you a Mother?

This goes out to all those hard working mothers:

Who have a special place in our hearts,

Who helped us when we needed it,

Who persevered through the hard times,

Who protected us from harm,

Who continued to smile

Who tucked us in at night,

Who kept the bed bugs away and the monsters in the closet

Enjoy your day and think of nothing but yourself. Being a mother is a reward in itself

Happy Mother’s Day To All Moms!
Breanne, Health Educator
Did you know?

Panic disorder is highly treatable, with a variety of available therapies. These treatments are extremely effective, and most people who have successfully completed treatment can continue to experience situational avoidance or anxiety, and further treatment might be necessary in those cases. Once treated, panic disorder doesn't lead to any permanent complications.
Breanne, Bilingual Health Educator
New Moderator

Thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to getting to know you all and to supporting you and helping you through the program. 

Breanne, Bilingual Health Educator

Try to keep thinking those positive and happy thoughts. You have been through a rough time, so please take time to relax and recoup. 
Take care, and keep us posted!

Breanne, Bilingual Health Educator

Knowing what makes you anxious is half the battle. You can be in control of your own thoughts and actions, and if you continue to have positive thoughts, these positive thoughts will in turn lead to positive actions.
Stay strong, we are here for you, and please refer to the program or to other members for guidance
Breanne, Bilingual Health Educator
Exposure Planning Session 4

Realizing and identifying the problem you are facing is the first step. Good for you for being able to identify how you feel, and how you deal with these feelings when they arise. Now you can work on learning to trust your body; the exposure exercises will definitely help.
You can do it, and don't forget that we are all here to support you,
Breanne, Bilingual Health Educator

Thanks for sharing your story and some valuable information! Looking into programs at local universities is a great idea (and the price is definitely right!).
When searching for a therapist or a program, I agree with Sylvie that you should look into different therapists and different programs and get a feel for what you think might be right for you, and what might work best in terms of meeting your needs and goals.
And we of course are always here to support you and help you along the way
Breanne, Bilingual Health Educator
A visit to the dentist

The members are right, there is no need to feel bad. You need to do what's right for you and not worry about money. Your health is far more important.
Breanne, Bilingual Health Educator