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Question to Ponder...

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-05-28 6:33 PM

Depression Community


INFO on Champix, quit smoking medication

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-05-19 4:23 PM

Quit Smoking Community



Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-05-19 4:10 PM

Quit Smoking Community

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New website for Alcohol Help Center coming soon!

New Community Live!

Hi everyone - the new community is live. It is not accessible from the main drop-down menu as we are still testing, however you can access it here: Please help us out by testing.

We will be monitoring and testing today. It would be a really big help if everyone could test and let us know of any issues. We plan on moving everything live tomorrow and pointing to  

Thanks for your patience! There will be more updates shortly after we get over this one big hurdle (over 7,000 user accounts migrated, along with 4,239 threads and 24,699 posts.

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Worksheet alternatives - advice for those just starting/without printers?

Hey Lee - great question!

The worksheets are meant to be guide - if you can't print them out that's absolutely OK. What is important is that you do the homework/experiments. You can keep notes on your phone, on a scrap of paper, or anything that you can use to capture how you are thinking, feeling, and behaving during your experiments.

For example, if you are using the Activity Tracker, you just need to record the time and date, the activity, and your mood after you completed the activity. As you know, most people who are depressed have very low mood thermometer scores and very low motivation (say 20/100). You will see that, even after you complete a minor activity, that your mood will slightly elevate (it might go to 40/100). After you repeat the experiment a few times you will prove to yourself that you can feel better, and you can increase your mood by "doing". The rest of the course will show you other ways to increase your mood and overcome depression.

In the past we had the ability for people to fill out the worksheets digitally. However, after interviewing users they told us that filling in the worksheets digitally was a cumbersome task. In looking at the data, most users "got it" and preferred to go ahead with the homework/experiments and jotted down the information they needed, so we removed this feature.

What we can do is add a "notes" section to the mood tracker so you can jot down notes for days that you do experiments. Would that help? Please let us know and we will add that feature. Please also share with us any other ideas you have.

Ultimately, what's key is that you do the homework. It appears that you are doing that - which is fantastic as we know that for those who do their homework they start feeling better in a few weeks.

Congratulations on taking the steps to make yourself feel better! Also, please keep us posted with your progress and feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions!


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Worksheet alternatives - advice for those just starting/without printers?

Hi Lee,

We've gone ahead and asked the IT Team to add a Notes section to both our Depression and Anxiety programs (Mood Tracker and Symptom Tracker). I'll let you know when it's live.

Thanks very much for the recommendation, and please let us know if we can make any other enhancements to help you succeed with the program.

For anyone else who might have some ideas please let me know - we are here for you and want to do the best job we can for you!



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Please forgive your mind/body for the anxiety

Hi Red,

I'm so sorry, and I'm saddened, to hear this news.You have selflessly helped so many people in these communities, and thousands of people have benefited from your wise advice and counsel.

As you know, arming yourself with as much education as possible is important. We are always here for you and please continue to post as often as you like.

Rest assured that all of us are thinking of you and are sending you positive thoughts. Please keep us updated as you are in our thoughts.


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My Quit Journey

Timbo637 - Fantastic quit journal!!

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Food for Thought (Mike Tyson fight this weekend)...

I saw this on my Facebook feed today, and despite how you may feel about Mike Tyson, it is inspiring (see below picture):



Mike Tyson is 54-years old. He was 100 lbs overweight at this time last year, and suffering from depression.

This is how Mike looked last night. Mike recently expressed that he has felt suicidal at times without boxing.

It's not the fame. Mike doesn't care about that. It's not the money. Mike owns a cannabis business that does $500,000 per month in revenues, and he is expanding this business.

He runs a highly successful podcast backed by major sponsors, and Mike has earned millions more in movies.

It's the sense of purpose. Mike went 8 rounds last night, and he was not winded at the end of the fight because boxing gives him LIFE.

The judges called the fight a draw when Mike was clearly the winner. Mike was not upset because he felt ALIVE.

We don't know the demons that others are battling. It is not "normal" for 54-year old men to enter the ring, but if boxing is what brings Mike a sense of peace, purpose, and happiness, then he should continue to box for as long as he has the ability to do so.


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Hi ChronicFroggies,

Welcome and thanks for posting!

First off, congratulations for being brave and writing down how you feel. No one will judge you here. This program is anonymous and there are many people out there who feel exactly the same way you do. Especially during these troubling times, you are not alone.

Feel free to reach out and DM (private message) other members - you will find that the active members in this community will respond to others who they feel they can help, or will offer some advice to based on what they've been through, We all need to get through this together!

One thing that you might notice - how did you feel after posting? Usually people who are depressed or anxious are reluctant to post because they don't know what to say, are worried about how others will respond, or just can't muster up the energy to write.

But guess what? What usually happens is that once someone posts they get a little bump of positivity or accomplishment. Even if that little bump of positivity is fleeting and doesn't last, it does make you feel like you accomplished something. Sometimes that little bump inspires you to do something else, and you do it, and you get that positive feeling again. Beating depression is about "doing" - so congratulations on making that first step!