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Challenging Worry

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2024-04-20 11:42 PM

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2024-04-11 5:06 AM

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Ashley -> Health Educator

2024-04-08 3:54 PM

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New Year's Resolutions

Ashley -> Health Educator

2024-03-25 2:47 AM

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Myth or Fact?

...sorry to ask, but dont quite understand... so what is fact? That people don't get paralyzed, they're just afraid of it?

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Vitamins/Supplements & Anxiety

Hi Mich,

Do you know PMR ? Progressive Muscle Relaxation? It's used for different indications, among others for anxiety. It's usually a CD you can listen to. Depending which version you use it can really make a difference. I prefer the "whole" program with excercise for the whole body, but also the basic program can be quite useful.

Whatever you'll try - good luck!

8 years ago 0 62 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hello and HELP please!

Hello All,

I am posting here now as i feel fully lost.
I think i knew about this website for a long time, but never really started through program.
Since i dont know any more how i could move on, i think i need to dig into this.

In the meantime, please help!
What should i do differently?

I have huge fears which now seem to paralyze me. Physically. And this again makes me worry about my health.
Are you familiar with such? Is this something anyone knows??
I am worrying a lot since a week maybe, about some strange disease i may have, but i also kind of think, its maybe the fears that make me so short of strength in my arms and legs (or is it because i am texting constantly on my smart phone??). I worry!! I'm afraid of going to the doctor to get this clarified, since i am absolutely frightened if there is a bad diagnosis.

Please help - how can i find peace of mind?

I am absolutely in a wrong "mode". I dont know how to get back to normal life. When i am working, that helps, it distracts me a bit, but soon i am supposed to have vacation. I dont know how i will survive during  a time where there is no distraction and i can think of my potential disease all the time and i go crazy about it.

The sources of my fears:
I have been going on through a lot of stressful situation, having organized helpnfor my mother who lives alone and abroad (where i actually come from). She recently had a few occasions when she felt paralyzed and couldnt move, blaming her diagnosed disease: parkinson.
I feel like i have maybe the same???

She made me worry a lot in recent times when things were not yet arranged for her. Now she's gor someone helping with householding, etc.
I would have all reasons to be calm, but i feel like i can't. In addition to me worrying about her constantly, i now also worry about my own health, especially, since i feel this kind of "freezing" muscles. I am really worried i have something similar as my mother, but i am a bit young for that i thought, i am in my 30's.

Please, does someone have an advice how to cope with these thoughts, fears, worries, how to get back my life?

I may have forgotten how it feels like living a normal life. Just before the stressful weeks around my mother i have had some other issues going on, at work, that made me worry a lot very intensively, from time to time.

I guess i'm afraid i would die soon, since i dont seem to have any positive imagination of my future. I am afraid of dying, i actually dont know why i think this(??!)

Does anyone have any advice that can help?

Thank you!!!!
8 years ago 0 62 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hello and HELP please!

Hi Davit

Thanks so much for your words. Apologize, what is "HA"?
I dont know what i've got, am quite confused. I just know i am crying all day, dont know why, and dont know if i am really sick with a serious disease or is it just the fears doing that with me. 
I feel short of strength in my hands, seems to become better after i was able to sleep, but it comes back after a few minutes of being awake. I feel lost. I think i still need to go to doctor, no way around it. Anyway, why do i cry all day with the fear that i will dye?? 

Why did i get this condition? My manager was not really kind but is that a reason tomgo crazy?
I am confused, have fear of complete lost of control. 
How do i move on from here? 

Any thoughts? Any ideas? What do i need to pay attention to? Where shall i start get things working again?

I am very grateful for any hints. I am grateful to know this site and people "listening" and caring.

Thank you so much again.
8 years ago 0 62 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hello and HELP please!

Hi Davit,

I was not able to reply to this message of you since i have been dealing with my mother recently a lot, she had to move out from her departement, since she is not independent any more.

Let me tell you that I have VERY MUCH appreciated your kind words, your willingness to help.
Yes, I have enough patience and am also ready to work through the sessions, I will do my home work too.

I try to understand what you are saying, and will keep telling myself, my brain tells me the wrong instructions.

Please, tell me one thing: does it also belong to the anxiety symptoms, when muscles feel like frozen stiff? It feels like my strength would diminish, as if energy would just flow away out of my arms and legs.
I checked on this each time. I still have energy, I play sports, and play piano. All works perfectly.
I just don't get why i feel this in a resting state...?? My mind go crazy, and start to compare my symptoms with those of my mother, who REALLY is ill, with Parkinson. And I know, she also had situations where her muscles felt frozen, but then she was not able to move at all. 

I went to the general practitioner, she cheked my nerves, they seemed to be OK.

I am wondering, shall I go to a specialist now?
Or is this just part of anxiety/panic?

I have to admit, these sensations disappear when taking tranquilizer. I guess, I have never read about all the symptoms, but I am just not convinced, that I am really OK, physically. 

Are these the wrong thoughts ? I feel completely lost. 
Do you / does anyone have any ideas what is going on with me?
8 years ago 0 62 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hello and HELP please!


I think I maybe have to tell, that a good friend of us has bpassed away recently, having had ALS, a devastating disease.

I may have Health Anxiety now because of observing that good friend how he was slowly dying within 1.5 years, and also maybe because of my mother, suffering from parkinson-like symptoms (and this drives me crazy too: doctors say, its not a real parkinson, but something like an atypical parkinson - but then, what is it? did it start for her with psychological symptoms, and if yes, do i have the same future as my mother? she has been diagnosed 8 years ago - I think that was the first time when I had a panick attack, but it did not repeat, it did not become a disease that time. Now, when I observe her and how her condition is, is really frightening for me.)

I think , well I hope, you may be right, I need to check out on the Health Anxiety kind of stuff... symptoms, diagnosis..etc

I will do my best. I think I just wanted to say, that I have gone through so many painful moments with our friend and my mother, where you stand there without any means of support. You can't really do anything .. its just so painful seeing your loved ones suffering, becoming independent, and knowing, they are going to dye soon.

Reading my own posts, trying to see it with an eye of a friend, a mate, a paniccenter buddy, I think, I may need to work on the Health Anxiety issue. So thank you so much Davit, I am going to check out on this more.

I find this CBT program really great, I have to say, it saved my life in 2007, when I quitted SSRIs suffering from depression. That time I have posted there a lot, hopefully also supported a few buddies, done all the lessons and homework for Depression, and the CBT program worked fantastic for me. Since then I have never taken SSRIs any more. I recommended this site to all of my friends. Actually, I have even lost 15 kgs weights (about 30 pounds i think) within 3-4 months, with the other sister site (healtyweightcenter) which was that time, early 2008, just up and running. The 30 pounds I gained while I was taking the SSRI. Everyone who was wondering how this was done, I referred to this Site (

Well, I think, there is another life-challenge in front of me to overcome: the Health Anxiety issue.
I hope at least, its really "just Health Anxiety"  - I guess I have to laugh myself about how I am able to worry about health...

How did the creators of these pages know, that people will come back with another issue?

Chapeu!  --- and thank you all for the great support you provide here, to the Doctors (authors of these sites), Health Educators, and to all members who jump in with their own experiences & expertise. Its a blessing. 

I will keep you posted with any success stories, I promise.

8 years ago 0 62 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
New to panic attacks

Hi leahpea,

For me currently its distraction. I would change my location/environment either by going into another room/place, or by switching on the radio or my favorite music.
I would maybe also drink 2 glasses fresh cold water or eat an ice-cream (to "cool down").

I havent gone through all the lessons yet, so I guess there are other (mental) tools too, e.g. to utilize your imagination & lessons learned, based on the thought records - so I can not comment on those yet, unfortuntaly. It may be very helpful to work through the lessons, I am sure, there are tools there for an immediate help while having a panic attack.

good luck & welcome!

8 years ago 0 62 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Any advice for panic attacks and depersonalization derealization.

hi Ashley, hi Hopeplz2011,

these are great hints - thank you so much!
I have experienced derealization and depersonalization at the beginning of my anxiety history, and as all of you said, its just something too scary. That time I didnt know what I was going through and I guess I have been afraid of it all time since then. I wouldnt have had any hints either. I have been trying to keep my anxiety on a certain 'limited' level so that it doesnt peak in a depersonalization/derealization. That would be my only 'hint', if that counts as such. 

Actually, I am just thinking now, that maybe my Health Anxiety (that I have now) has maybe replaced the Depersonalization (I was trying to avoid Depersonalization with all means...), So my anxiety problem probably found its way in another form: the Health Anxiety maybe (?) - which is similarly a horror....   if this hypothesis is ture, then that would be another reason why I need to get my anxiety under control. I need to address them correctly, not just letting them become manifest in another way...

I appreciate the great approach Ashley provided - its REALLY good to know there is an established way dealing with Depersonalization, for any future events (hopefully there wont be any, but if yes, its invaluable to have these at hand).

Good luck Hopeplz2011 anyway - hope, you can get rid of this very soon !


8 years ago 0 62 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
What motivates you?

Hi Ashley,

I wanted to answer your question/initiative..

My motivation is about improving quality of life in all kind of means and for all kind of people. At work and in my private life.
The wide range of what a human can go through (and survive!) is amazing to me, eventhough it may not be fair to those individuals. I really often dont understand why life can get not only complicated, but so unfair to some people. I would wish, everybody can enjoy life. That's my motivation each day. 

I recognize, I may need some other personal motivations for my own life, which I currently seem to lack, but I am sure I will get there too.

Not sure, what was the purpose of asking this: is it a survey, or is it a passive tool of making us aware what would count in our life? 

Anyway, I like questions - I think, they can bring us forward. So thanks for asking.


15 years ago 0 62 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
stress at work - how to switch off on weekends?

Hi All,

Anybody knows which session deals with stress and how to cope with it? How to find the balance again after a stressful day or week? Or how to design your day with a minimum of stress?

Thank you & appreciated