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Need some support, I,m new here

I just joined today too. I'm excited to have an online forum to discuss this issue, get support and stay focused on my goal of quitting for good, one day at a time of course.  I've been having problems with drinking since my teen years and I'm now 60.  I've reduced my drinking a lot from my early days but still have out of control days.  I tried AA several times but my history doesn't coincide with being an addict.  I think I'm naturally getting away from drinking but want all the support I can get.  If there are any other drinkers with a similar history, I'd love to hear from you.
Need some support, I,m new here

I wish I new how to use this site better.  Not sure what discussions, forums, threads, etc., are.  Is there a tutorial or something?
Need some support, I,m new here

Yes, I shortly had a few sponsors who were serious addicts and I couldn't relate.   I am now going to a church based recovery group for all kinds of issues which is going over the 12 steps.  I was interested in this site as an alternative to those. Why do you ask?
Need some support, I,m new here

I don't know how to do that.  Can you elaborate?
baby steps... 14 days

Hi HP:

I'm new to this site; only on it a week now.  I am writing to you to say I really appreciate your post here talking about labeling myself a "non-drinker" and how that will help me cope with temptations and awkward situations.  I've quit before, many times, but did it alone and without plans for how to maintain.  It's been a week today since I had 4 drinks, 3 too many.   I see you made it much further than the 14 days you had at the time you posted so this strategy must work.  I'm making a conscious effort to remind myself daily that I'm now a Non-drinker.  That takes me out of the thinking I will ever restart.  Thank you and God Bless.