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2022-08-17 6:50 AM

Quit Smoking Community


Back Again :)


2022-08-14 9:19 AM

Managing Drinking Community


Quitting again! Anyone else?


2022-08-06 3:17 PM

Quit Smoking Community


Alcohol and Nutrient Deficiencies

Ashley -> Health Educator

2022-08-03 5:46 PM

Managing Drinking Community

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Hello everyone- so glad I found this site

Hello Everyone,
it is my first time here.
I quit smoking 13 days ago cold turkey. This is not my first quit... it has taken several attepts...they usually last 3 days and I relapse... the longest quit I had has been 16 days (that was this Feb).. I relapsed again for 1 day. Started my quit again the next day and here I am Day 13.
I want to quit for good this time. I want to live a long and healthy life.
I just turned 30 years old. I have been smoking for 7-8 years 5-7 cigarettes a day. While that might not be a lot of smoking i am ashamed to admit that I was really addicted.
I am now having some nasty withdrawal symptoms and cravings too once in a while
Hope everyryone is having a wonderful smoke free day
Hello everyone- so glad I found this site

Thank you! Thank you! Jim and Ashley
dont know what to do different this time. I am just going to try to be strong
Must keep the anxiety under control. Anxiety is what made slip...everytime. Strage and ashamed to say...I did not have any anxiety when i was smoking.
day 13
Hello everyone- so glad I found this site

Thank you guys for the support and info.
they are both much needed
i wish i never started smoking.
Hello everyone- so glad I found this site

thank you Jim, Dori and Hopeful2
i am on day 17 today. this is my longest quit so far.
it is still hard but ohhh I never want to smoke again
having a hard time with cravings, having a hard time adjusting to the changes my body is going through
Namaste everyone
Hello everyone- so glad I found this site

Hi guys :)
day 24 today. not easy ..some conflits at work... lots of sneezing in the morning
lots of cravings...but not long ones
went to the doctor follow up appointment... doctor is an ex-smoker himself, so i am glad he understands a bit. He says symptoms can last for months and that i just have to be patient and stay quit
hugs for everyone
thank you for being here for me