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So here we go again...

Hi everyone...I am in my second week of no smoking after a pack a day habit and am stoked that there are so many people on here in my helps.  I have tried to quit before but for the wrong reasons i think...I want this one to stick and really my quit came out of no where...i didnt really plan to quit, i mean i thought about how i SHOULD all the time and then one day just did...Walked right past the 711 and went to work without buying a pack...Im quitting cold turkey...I keep getting flashes of how that was a stupid decision and how i really actually like smoking so i feel like im missing out or punishing myself or something...BUT i want to do it because i walked home from work last night ...across the city, over the Granville Street Bridge and up to my house...a walk that generally has me dieing...can't breath...can't...breath... but this time i was fine...or at least 10 times better than i was before...if this is after only 9 days...i cant wait to see what 2 months looks like....I havent told my mom im quitting...she gets so disappointed when i start up, but my dad is a smoker and he knows...he is so proud of me and i want to hit two months ( the length of time i lasted before i cracked on my last quit) beat it and then tell my mom...its a good driver I think... :)  So good luck to everyone on here!  Just wanted to pop on and introduce myself :)

My Milage:

My Quit Date: 1/13/2009
Smoke-Free Days: 9
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 180
Amount Saved: $86.85
Life Gained:
Days: 0 Hrs: 15 Mins: 57 Seconds: 15