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Understanding Panic and Agoraphobia a discussion about symptoms and basic information 3506 16164 Noise Anxiety Fatherless@33
Goal Setting and Exposure Planning hints, tips, and support 885 5299 And the goal of the week goes to... Ashley -> Health Educator
Mastering Your Fear in Specific Situations doing exposure work 1123 4658 Warmest Greetings! Dr. Trevor van Mierlo, Chief Scientific Officer
Coping with Setbacks support and advice 1879 8153 Pit of anxiety feeling in chest Ashley -> Health Educator
Questions about the Panic Program Education is power! 335 1360 New Community Feature: "Last Logged In" Dr. Trevor van Mierlo, Chief Scientific Officer
Introduce Yourself! Introduce yourself to the group. 3240 11410 If you can read this then please introduce yourself :) Ashley -> Health Educator
Your Panic Cycle Exploring patterns and anxious thoughts 719 3520 jobs that are good for the anxiety prone Jianna44
Challenging Your Anxious Thoughts learning self-talk 780 3510 Fleas triggering anxiety SnowyHHZ
Relaxation and Lifestyle strategies and techniques 668 3171 New Year´s Plans? Ashley -> Health Educator
Success Stories! Post your successes here. Inspire others. 911 4362 can tell it's working! Ashley -> Health Educator
Health Educator´s Corner Daily thoughts, facts and discussion items. What's your take? 2707 9736 Realistic Rules for Self Care Ashley -> Health Educator

Forum Threads Posts Latest Post
Understanding Major Depressive Disorder A discussion about symptoms and basic information 735 3097 Feeling overwhelmed with father gone Ashley -> Health Educator
Medications An exchange of information and experiences (not advice). Share what works and doesn’t work for you. 497 1747 What medication are you currently taking? AStanley
Challenging Your Negative Thoughts Changing negative thoughts and developing a more optimistic, positive outlook on life. 592 2544 Making friends Ashley -> Health Educator
Relationships A discussion about how depression affects relationships and how relationships affect depression. 799 3493 How to End a Relationship while Protecting your Mental Health Ashley -> Health Educator
Introduce Yourself Introduce yourself to the group 2112 5295 New, Just saying Hello! Ashley -> Health Educator
Goal Setting and Activity Scheduling hints, tips and support 217 529 Setting goals: Always a challenge for me Ashley -> Health Educator
Core Beliefs and Assumptions help with developing more adaptive core beliefs and assumptions 163 558 Articles and resources that have helped you Ashley -> Health Educator
Lifestyle sleep, diet, exercise, relaxation and meditation 233 691 i hate this Ashley -> Health Educator
Coping with Setbacks advice and support 699 2388 "Professional support" is months away . . . Gwendle
Success Stories post your successes here. Inspire others! 242 833 I am on the right track Ashley -> Health Educator
Group Program Discovery Walkthrough each session of the program as a group and discuss program tools 175 902 New Community Feature: "Last Logged In" Timbo637
Health Educator’s Corner Daily thoughts, facts and discussion items. What’s your take? 2230 4982 Realistic Self Care Rules Ashley -> Health Educator
Getting Back to Work Are you out of work? Have you recently gone back to work? Share your getting back to work stories here. 150 410 Hiring process; disclosure;Dealing with references Gwendle

Forum Threads Posts Latest Post
The Lounge This forum is a place where all members can post about everyday life (sometimes we need to get away from focusing on quitting) 3 10 Lounging Around Hot SiO2
Who's quitting this month? Post here to connect with members who are starting their quit now. 1024 3975 56 hours in Hot SiO2
Health Educator's Corner Daily thoughts, facts and discussion items. What?s your take? 2198 4988 Diet and Quitting Smoking Ashley -> Health Educator
Introduce Yourself! Introduce yourself to the group. Share your smoking history, quit date, and what quit method you're using. 12103 89269 You all can do it Hot SiO2
Questions about the Online Quitting Program Post any questions arising from your Journey through the Quitting Program and the resulting process of stopping smoking. 182 1235 Old Thread new Website HK01
Coping with Withdrawal Symptoms Discussion and advice on Withdrawal Symptoms. 4780 42042 Ask for help...put it in writing Hot SiO2
Smoking Cessation and Weight-Gain Support and advice on dealing with Weight-Gain. 1289 13166 Change is Tough! Timbo637
Coping with Cravings A discussion of triggers and tips related to cravings. 3269 27021 Text Messaging Support Now Live! Dr. Trevor van Mierlo, Chief Scientific Officer
Stats Parade Where quitters post their stats and REWARDS! 16172 143284 100 days HK01
Common Support Questions Inviting members to contribute to the reply 921 11654 Can people share their relapse stories? Timbo637
Forum for New Users and General Discussion Advice from successful participants who have used the site to quit smoking. 24209 213965 Vaping to quit Hot SiO2
Chewers and Dippers Corner A forum for those who want to overcome their addiction to chewing tobacco. 187 1920 18 Months - No Posts!!! Timbo637
Avoiding relapse and slipping Prevention help for those who are afraid of slipping 1285 20731 Tips for a succesful Quit Timbo637
Forum de discussion Conseils de participants au programme qui ont r?ussi ? cesser de fumer. 70 592 Initiative pour un monde sans tabac. Machiavelli
Forum to test changes This is for testing purposes 3 16 Text Messaging Support Now Live! Ashley -> Health Educator

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