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I think this goes under this topic

10 years ago 0 goofy 1044 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
CM, I don't know how that I live in Canada got on my profile but I am a resident of the USA.  I will definitely check out the website though it is probably a resource for VRT in this area or close to here.  I did go through Physical Therapy when I first got dizzy and I do walk better now than before.  However, maybe there are newer exercises, etc. that I can do.  I'm willing to try anything.
I am better.  I am going to go to my job where I teach a class and try that tonight.  The class plan I developed called  for meeting with each consumer individually instead of having to teach.  I talk to my boss and I can go in for the individual meetings and then leave....they are so understanding.  I seem to be getting better at night, then in the a.m. it returns but not so bad each day.
My son did come and help some with getting the house in order.  This makes me feel somewhat better.  I am determined to wash my hair today!  lol, I better or I don't think they'd want me at work.  If all goes well I may try to work tomorrow afternoon at the landscaping job.  We have a sod job and I can stay on the ground.  Swinging a hatchet is a concern (to cut the sod) but I can try it!  I'm more hopeful. 
The meds the doc prescribed then doubled earlier this week gives me a hangover effect and this may be exacerbating the dizzy.  Am going to give it another day to see if it subsides and if not call.  I also am pretty "flat" feeling.  I don't know how else to discribe it.  I am able to get back to faking it, hiding the depression and I am working on getting all my depression "prevention" stuff back in place.  I could kick myself for letting that drop when the first attack happened. 
Still frustrated but hopeful.....doesn't seem so dark. 
Thanks for the info CM and I am going to go lookthat up right now.  I research too, so I know what you mean.  That is how I found this site and the Meniere's website. 
Thanks for the encouragement and listening to me rant.
Hi Ya Goofy:
How goes it today? I hope you are a bit better. 
I did some researching (one of my passions) on the web & I don't know if you found out about this website called  Vestibular Disorders Association.  I don't believe we can post web sites on here or I would post the link for you.  Anyway they have a link on their site with the heading " Find A Health Professional" .  I did the search and there are 23 health professionals in Ontario who provide Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT).
Might be worth looking into here's a bit about the VRT  from their website:

How does VRT help?

"In most cases, balance improves if the exercises are correctly and faithfully performed. Muscle tension, headaches, and fatigue will diminish, and symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, and nausea will decrease or disappear. Many times, VRT is so successful that no other treatment is required."
 I hope this can provide a bit of hope for you on your journey.
Take care.

10 years ago 0 goofy 1044 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
last part of first post!
the encourabement, it's more helpful than I can express in words.  (too rattling, trying to make up for lost time  I guess, it cut me off....
10 years ago 0 goofy 1044 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
CM and Rebbie
I called the pdoc yesterday and told to him to put me in the hospital I couldn't deal with this anymore (not suicidal) just tired...know you know what i mean.  He said since I wasn't suicidal wanted to try some other things first, I was relieved, I've never been hospitalized and don't want to go there.  They wanted to hospitalize me in 04 and I refused an uneducated refusal but that's in the past and I made it through. 
Oh CM, so glad I've got initials instead of trying to remember how to spell your name out, hope that is okay.  I, too have gotten used to the tinnitus and able to let it go so to speak.  I have a pressure like feeling in my ears when I'm dizzy (not a pain, per se, but a pressure feeling, this I am able to let go as well.  It's just a nuisance.  The tinnitus is continuous irregardless of whether or not I am dizzy so I feel for you as well. 
Yes, regarding the encouragement from the support group, however, there is no treatment, they recommend a low sodium diet which I try to adhere too, I don't like salt anyway, though I know it comes in processed foods so I'm reading labels. 
What a vicious cycle with the depression being bad to start with, then add the dizzy, I think that I'm going round and round, each exacerbating the other.  I did realize I wasn't adhereing to my regimen to maintain stability in my depression.  I am not making excuses, but sitting her typing is so difficult and of course exercise and tai chi aren't in the agenda if I can't stand up, I could still meditate, practice my spirituality and I have a very supportive son, though he doesn't quite get the jist of things.  He really hates that I take meds and thinks they are dangerous (the meds are for the depression).  I told him I've tried not having them and that doesn't work at all.  He can see how taking them sometimes doesn't help surely he can understand they are necessary.  He tries so hard to understand.  Anyway, he is supportive irregardless of whether or not he agrees with me and my course of action.  He knows I am not suicidal. 
CM, do you have a dx condition that causes your bouts with dizziness.  What you described as the guant of emotions pretty well sums up what I feel, add scared and you've got me pegged.  I have never had this bad of episodes this close together and am afraid about that, and afraid about the depression going to 04.  I know I think I said a vicious cycle.
I agree re: the acceptance, took a while with the MD and I need to get there with the dizzy. 
Part of the problem is what do I need to accept, word retrieval is difficult right now, thinking slow, not fixing typo's, not reading or proof reading  - accept I have Meniere's.  Accept that dizzy is gonna be this often this bad, will get worse, will lose my hearing eventually, will always have tinnitus, the pressure, will always be fearful when the depression get like this and the dizzy gets like this even if they are not co-existing on this level (most times in the past, they haven't.  (grateful for that), that I might not be able to work (that's projecting, maybe this all is).  I don't know where to start. 
In the support group they talk about having the condition, then developing depression, looking for posts on people with depression who develop the condition.  Not successful yet, but looking when I can....computers don't help the dizzy. 
My son is going to come over and help me clean house this p.m. (what a sweetie) and I've got to take a bath - too many days without but not really interested!  :(
Okay, enough....thanks for the thoughts and prayers Rebbie and thanks for
10 years ago 0 Rebbie 121 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi, Goofy.   I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling right now with health problems on top of the depression.   It certainly has to be very frustrating for you, but I know you, and you will hang in there.   I've missed you on the forum and pray that you start feeling better.    Just wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts.
Hi Ya Goofy:

I'm so sorry to hear of your health issues in addition to the depression and anxiety. I hope you find some form of relief soon.


I can only speak from my experience which I have had at times with bouts of dizziness, frightening is the word which comes to mind.  I think anyone regardless if they had depression or not would be disconcerted to say the least with recurrent bouts of dizziness. 


Acceptance now there's the rub, for the longest time when I was first diagnosed with PD I thought acceptance meant giving up.  It took me a very, very long time to come to the full understanding of what it really meant, coming to terms, planning what to do next , living with in spite of.  You see I have Tinnitus 2 sometimes 3 noises ringing in my left ear day and night it never stops.  I thought I was going to go crazy with it, I would cry and cry, get panic attacks, get frustrated the whole gamut of emotions.  I can't change the fact that I will always have the noises, although at times they are more audible than others, but what I have done & believe me this took me a long time to come to this awareness.  Is change my attitude towards it, I don't pay attention to it the way I used to as the more I focused on it the worse I felt. 


Having said that I honestly think one thing that might be beneficial to you is being in touch with people who have the same condition, finding out how they cope, what works for them and doesn't.  You said you found a support blog, have you found any encouragement t

10 years ago 0 goofy 1044 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
There is a correlation between the rash and the dizzy.  When a person scratches it releases histamines which effects the inner ear where balance is located (lol, that's technical terms). Anyway, in a person with Meneire's Disease it can cause the onset of dizziness.  I am trying very hard not to scratch and using lotions to try to help the rash. 
As my depression is at a level 3 with 0 being the worst and my anxiety running very high, I wonder if the rashes aren't stress related.  The frustrating part is I really have nothing very stressful in my life.  I'm a bit disgruntled because I haven't been able to babysit.
I am also fearful with the depression this bad, going back to where I was in '04 and the frequency and longevity of the dizzy episodes.  I don't want to not be able to work and as you know if a person continually calls in sick, especially with my landscaping job, she's going to have to find someone more dependable to help her with the big jobs.  The other job, they are more understanding because it is a mental health facility.  I also get cabin fever really bad and can't really do anything, even walk. 
Ah well, keeping the gratitude in mind, it is something I can live with, accepting is the hard part I guess.  Tired of crying, being afraid, frustrated, and angry.  I know cognitive behavioral theory, but would a session on acceptance be contraindicated??????  Not acceptance of our negative core beliefs, but that we have the diagnosis.  Maybe it's here and I've missed it, but would for it to be pointed out to me.  Gotta go, if I'm gonna be dizzy and depressed, I'm going to bed, with just the depression I'd be going to work, etc. 
Hi Goofy,
It is good to hear from you! How frustrating that a new rash and the dizziness has reared it's ugly head. Do get in contact with your doctor and try to get to the bottom of these pesky situations. There must be a way of preventing these occurences in the future, it seems that you get a rash and dizziness at the same time, perhaps there is a connection?
On another note, it is great to hear that you have been busy working a lot and in turn sleeping well. 
Check in soon, we are here for you!

Samantha, Health Educator
10 years ago 0 goofy 1044 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
I got rid of both the rash and the dizziness about two weeks ago....worked for two weeks and both have returned.  Argh, started late Friday - the rash and the dizzy.  Not the same rash, different.  I'm gonna call the dr. tomorrow.  Been home since Friday.  Tried to babysit Sat.  had to call son to come and get her.  I was just babysitting because I wanted was okay.
I'm depressed even more, frustrated, mad, and a whole host of other emotions.....not to mention itchy!!!!
I haven't been on because when I was working, working two jobs sometimes was 12 hour days (felt good).  It definitely got my sleep issues worked out. 
So will try not to unload on y'all like last time, part of acceptance, learning to live with it, deal with it, and accept it!  Damn it's hard to do that!!!!!
10 years ago 0 princesspat 113 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

Hi Goofy, glad to hear that the rash is gone at least. How is the dizzyness going?

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