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2021-07-25 7:17 PM

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2021-07-03 2:22 PM

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When does it get easier?

14 years ago 0 John_in_NC 541 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hey Cowboy you've already got quite a few days under your belt you just need a refresher of WHY you quit. If you made a list you should review it, if not you can look at the reasons that others here have posted. You can also search the web to see what mouth cancer looks like. It's not too attractive. You got it licked Cowboy, keep up the good work! [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B]5/3/2007 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 60 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 1,500 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $210.00 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 9 [B]Hrs:[/B] 8 [B]Mins:[/B] 1 [B]Seconds:[/B] 3
14 years ago 0 nonic 813 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Cowboy I can tell that you are all about making a difference in your life...It might be helpful though to maybe not look so far down the road in terms of will it always be this way...The answer to that question is no, but that answer is only true for you right here, right now if we could put you in a time machine and zoom you down the road about a year or so...Then you would "know" that it does get easier... One of the great illusions and tricks of the mind that nicotine plays is that it will not allow us to envision our lives without it...It is a jealous lover that does not want to let us go. So when we start to stare down the road a bit and wonder what it would feel like if we didn't have to smoke , chew or spit, nicotine drags us back. It screams in our inner ear that we can't live without it and on and on...But the truth is that nicotine isn't the greatest of friends to have and once you have a chance to practice living sans nicotine, you will discover the answer to your original question...It does get easier, but you have to work at it to make it so...Changing behavior is one of the hardest things a human can do...But YOU CAN DO THIS nonic [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B]12/25/2006 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 185 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 5,550 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $1,295.00 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 33 [B]Hrs:[/B] 20 [B]Mins:[/B] 59 [B]Seconds:[/B] 3
Cowboy, We all have different quits and we know you want this! Get yourself prepared and get those lists ready. Have a craving? Use coping mechanisms! Figety? Get some chores done, get active and get away from the situation! Changing up your routine can be a big help and using those mechanisms can aid you in curbing those craves. Preparation is key, so post often, ask questions, and let us help you prepare! Josie, Support Specialist
14 years ago 0 Unhooked 3541 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Cowboy, SLAP!! It gets easier. Please read around a bit for what some of the longtimers say. I know we're mostly smokers & you're a chewer but there have to be some similarities in the way you feel not doing it. I would think you're teeth must already look better & you're wife HAS to be happier... "You better spit out that chewin' tabaccer if you want to kiss ME on the big old smacker!" What are your reasons for quitting, Cowboy? Keep them close to you, review them often & reward yourself for little milestones as well as the big one you have your eye on. Can you chew wintergreen gum if it's the flavour you miss? We're one day apart in our quits so I feel a little close to you, Cowboy & I'm really glad you're still with us. You do have something to be proud of, you're doing it & it's a hard thing to do. [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B]5/13/2007 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 43 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 860 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $473.00 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 4 [B]Hrs:[/B] 7 [B]Mins:[/B] 29 [B]Seconds:[/B] 56
14 years ago 0 Cowboy 4 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
I have been posting in the Introduce Yourself discussions but it's time to come home to where I belong. I tried quitting almost two years ago and used this website. It helped a lot but I screwed up and found chew again. Now I've climbed back up on the wagon and am pretty darn proud of myself but life sure seems hard sometimes without that familiar taste of wintergreen Grizzly. I started using Smokey Mountain herbal Snuff a while ago and it helped a lot, but cravings for the real thing still just drive me crazy sometimes!Does that feeling ever go away or will I always feel like I'm fighting to keep my head above water? I put a picture of a 2007 CBR600RR as wallpaper on my computer. That will be my reward for a one year quit. I'm looking forward to that day but I scare myself sometimes standing in line to buy my can of Smokey Mountain and staring at all the different kinds of chew just sitting there on the shelf. I feel guilty that I'm still stuffing something in my lip, even though I know it can't be nearly as bad for me as tobacco. I guess I just need somebody to slap me, tell me it's all worth it, and it does get easier at some point. I sure hope it does. [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B]5/14/2007 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 42 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 420 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $21.00 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 4 [B]Hrs:[/B] 14 [B]Mins:[/B] 8 [B]Seconds:[/B] 29

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