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Dealing with depression and anxiety and starting to feel lonely.

Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-06-11 4:17 PM

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hi :)

Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-06-11 4:06 PM

Depression Community


Friends who drink


2021-06-10 5:00 AM

Managing Drinking Community


Covid vaccine


2021-06-06 3:03 PM

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butterfly, Glad to hear your are doing well. Keep up the great work on staying quit and keep us posted from time to time. Take Care, Melanie ___________________ The SSC Support Team
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Wow infinite I must apologize as I hardly even come in to this forum but it sure is good to hear from you. Sounds like your manager liked what he saw in you. Keep up the great example. vicki just 1 puff away from 2 packs a day [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 10/17/2005 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 89 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 3,582 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $623 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 12 [B]Hrs:[/B] 4 [B]Mins:[/B] 20 [B]Seconds:[/B] 53
Hey Infinite, There are actually quite a few who pay attention to this forum... even though I don't post here, I still read pretty much everything what you have to say. I wish there were more here in this forum to join you, but it's awesome that you still check in every once in a while and update us as to how you're doing. Your dog sounds kinda like my neighbor's dogs... chaos and destruction. :) They're loud as hell and look really mean, but they wouldn't bite... at least that's what I've been told... but I've never gotten close enough to test that! :) Glad to hear your manager is still quit. That's awesome. I have a few friends at my church who just quit chewing too... and all of them are still quit... said the first 12 days were hard but after that, it's been pretty easy... it's been about 3 months now, I think. Anyway, congrats on your quit and congrats to your manager. Crave the Quit! Butterfly [IMG][/IMG] [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 10/28/2005 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 102 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 2,573 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $336.6 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 7 [B]Hrs:[/B] 11 [B]Mins:[/B] 16 [B]Seconds:[/B] 0
Hey Infinate, Well, I know I said goodbye and all, but I guess I couldn't really leave completely... although I have cut back quite a bit from the amount of time I was spending on site. Glad to hear you're still doing fine. I guess me talking about my friends from work was bad luck... one of them is chewing again. The other one is still doing OK as far as I know. Hope all is well for you. [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 10/28/2005 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 112 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 2,823 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $369.6 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 8 [B]Hrs:[/B] 4 [B]Mins:[/B] 42 [B]Seconds:[/B] 52
Congratulations Infinite! Isn't it great to pass a mark and not even know it? I remember in the very beginning, not a SECOND, much less a day, went by that I didn't know how far along I was. And now, I often don't even think about how many days I have because it's not a concern anymore. Congratulations on 300+ days! That's great! Crave the Quit! Pam p.s. Since you haven't been here in a while, you probably don't even know about the congratulations thread that was started for you (by Shevie, of course) in the stats parade. Go check it out! [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 10/28/2005 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 153 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 3,835 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $631.89 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 11 [B]Hrs:[/B] 3 [B]Mins:[/B] 13 [B]Seconds:[/B] 46
Hey Infinite! I feel so sheepish! I was SURE I posted to your congratulations thread! I guess I read it and then got distracted and never congratulated you on it! Well, I'm sorry! Anyway, I've posted to it now. :) Better late than never, right? I'm doing pretty good... my quit is great and school's going well too. I'm sorry you were feeling down for a while, but I'm glad to hear that you're better now. Tell your boss I give him my congratulations on 3 months! It sounds like you both have a lot to celebrate! Crave the Quit! Pam [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 10/28/2005 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 153 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 3,844 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $631.89 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 11 [B]Hrs:[/B] 3 [B]Mins:[/B] 49 [B]Seconds:[/B] 26
15 years ago 0 Infinite_D 80 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Thank you, Josie and Butterfly Swimmer. :) I can't believe that I'm almost at one year either. When you first quit, it feels like FOREVER since you had your last "fix". You can't wait to hit your first 30 days. Then 60, then 90, and so on. You look around at other quitters who have more time in than you do, and you wonder to yourself how they ever made it that far. Well, now here I sit, high atop the perch of 300 plus days, and let me tell you it feels good. Coming up on one year without tobacco, hardly even realizing that I was passing the 300 day milestone, just goes to show me how small of a place that my former habit takes in my mind now days. Time sure has flown these last couple of months. Shevie, my friend, please accept my apologies for not being around a couple of weeks ago. ;) You have been an incredible help to me throughout my entire quit, and a tremendous inspiration. The entire SSC has! Yes, it takes a lot of things to successfully quit the use of tobacco, but I could have never come this far without the support the SSC has to offer. My many thanks to all! How have you been, Butterfly Swimmer? How's school? The quit? Hope all is well. Infinite_D [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 5/21/2005 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 313 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 6,584 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $344.3 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 40 [B]Hrs:[/B] 13 [B]Mins:[/B] 1 [B]Seconds:[/B] 47
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I did? I did! LOL Actually, I think I realized that at the back of my mind, but I've had so many things going on it was a pleasing thought that just stayed right there, at the back of my mind. :) I'm just coming back to the land of the living. Was down and out not feeling well at all - actually kept me down for the good part of a week. So glad to be better. I knew I hadn't been around for some time so I figured I better stop in and say hello and see what was going on. How ya doin' Shev? How's everyone else? Oh, by the way - I passed everyone's congratulations along to my manager. He said thanks. :) He's right around the 90 day mark and still trucking. Take care all! Infinite_D [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 5/21/2005 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 313 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 6,574 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $344.3 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 40 [B]Hrs:[/B] 11 [B]Mins:[/B] 31 [B]Seconds:[/B] 1
15 years ago 0 Infinite_D 80 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Pam - No worries! ;) Thank you for the congrats, and for pointing out Shevie's post to me. I appreciate it! That's excellent to hear that both the quit and school are going well. Keep up the great work! :) Shevie - I haven't thought of a 1-year-reward yet. Hmmmm....guess I'll have to give that some thought. :) The drums sound like a great idea! I used to play as well. Drums and trumpet. I've always wanted to learn guitar, but having the time to learn is a factor. That would sure be a nice 1 year reward. Infinite_D [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 5/21/2005 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 320 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 6,732 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $352 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 41 [B]Hrs:[/B] 10 [B]Mins:[/B] 52 [B]Seconds:[/B] 10
15 years ago 0 Infinite_D 80 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Just wanted to drop in and report on my manager's progress. I'm happy to report that he is sticking to his guns. The other guy I told you guys about who also appeared to be quitting didn't stay with it. As far as I know, he cut back, but went back to it again at any rate. My manager had a really stressful day last week, and he told me he almost gave in, but didn't. Whew! :) Same basic idea - only one dip away from a can a day. ;) I'm glad he was able to resist and he is now 60 days plus into his quit. Take care everyone! [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 5/21/2005 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 286 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 6,021 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $314.6 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 37 [B]Hrs:[/B] 1 [B]Mins:[/B] 44 [B]Seconds:[/B] 34

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