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Back Again :)


2022-08-10 8:07 PM

Managing Drinking Community


Quitting again! Anyone else?


2022-08-06 3:17 PM

Quit Smoking Community


Alcohol and Nutrient Deficiencies

Ashley -> Health Educator

2022-08-03 5:46 PM

Managing Drinking Community


Pleasant Activities

Ashley -> Health Educator

2022-08-03 5:44 PM

Quit Smoking Community

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The worst withdrawal symptom

Thanks for replying Timbo! You are always so full of valuable insight.

It's interesting how the fear of the unknown is often limiting in many areas of life. The fear of the unknown can prevent people from challenging themselves and therefore prevent progress. Yet, the fear is often much worse than reality. I'm glad you were able to conquer it when quitting smoking.


a month ago 0 Timbo637 783 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

While not really a withdrawal symptom, in the beginning of my quit, time really seemed to slow down. That was a little hard to deal with at first. Minutes seemed literally like hours. I guess it was the fear of the "unknown" that made time go so slow. You know, wondering if I would be able to actually quit or not.

It all worked out in the end and I am enjoying life now free of that nasty, deadly habit. Sure wish I would have tried to quit a long time before I actually did quit.

Don't let fear of failure stop you from trying to quit!!! 😎

Stay safe.

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Hello everyone,

For those who have already quit or have tried quitting in the past: what was your worst withdrawal symptom? When did you experience it? How did you cope?


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