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The Holidays and Isolation

Hi Everyone,

This year, the holidays will be very different for many people. Isolation and loneliness has been a growing problem around the world even before Covid hit. Now many people will be spending the holidays alone or with a lot less people then normal. This might be depressing for some people. I thought now is a great time to check in with everyone and see how they are spending the holidays. How are you making the holidays special despite social distancing?

Some ideas I have been thinking about...

Enjoy the slower pace to life. In previous years, you may have been rushing around making sure everything is perfect for the holiday season. This year, there is no need to make everything perfect. Do what makes you happy. You do not have to entertain anyone other then yourself and members of your household this year. How does that change things? Do you have a good book you have been wanting to get to? Perhaps a new computer game you haven't had the time to really dive into? Now is the time to do whatever the heck you want and enjoy it.

Get Creative. With all this extra time you have, doing a creative project is sure to be rewarding. Homemade holiday decorations are fun and can be very affordable to craft. Tasty new recipes are also great to experiment with now. Cooking without pressure! As you won't be sharing it with a lot of people you don't have to worry if you make a mistake. If you are extra proud of your creation you can also share it on social media.

Limit Social Media. Speaking of social media, it is a good idea to limit it this time of year. There is evidence that social media can cause feelings of depression and loneliness in some people. When we are bored we often feel like wasting some time on social media. Instead, call a friend or post in a support group like this one. Notice when you have feelings of needing to connect, then actually connect with people actively, not passively scrolling through photos.

Take yourself on a date. Many people are alone on the holidays. That doesn`t mean you have to be locked up in the house doing nothing. Plan a nice walk somewhere pretty. Watch an old movie you love while tackling a 1000 piece puzzle. Get take-out from a restaurant you always wanted to try. Plan special `dates`` just for yourself.

How are you feeling this holiday season? What are your plans?

Happy Holidays!


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