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ecotherapy - exercise in the great outdoors

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I find walking outdoors helps my mood more then walking indoors too. 
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Thanks for the info wildcat.
I have started walking outdoors again for the last few days and it has really improved my mood.  Walking in the mall is ok if the weather is to hot or rainy but it really doesn't help me any where as much as walking in nature.  Walking in nature really helps me deal with my anxiety, depression and  boosts my self esteem.  This is a activity that I need to do as long as I am able if I want to feel well, healthy and alive.
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Thanks for the great info wildcat!
Members...what do you think?!
Breanne, Bilingual Health Educator
15 years ago 0 456 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi everyone...
I like to read what others are doing to manage their bipolarity. And one woman whom I enjoy a lot came up with something interesting today...  THe old daemon, exercise.  Regardless of how we feel about certain TYPES of exercise we need to be active. Our daily lives have become more and more sedentary so we need to stimulate our minds and bodies. 
Anyways this woman came up with some interesting figures with the sources!!! and and interesting notion about how we should be getting our 3 times 10 minutes per week...

And, I wondered whether it would have been helpful to provide supporting data. In fact, I do know that being in the great outdoors, which is my top healing environment, is therapeutic. Mind, a leading United Kingdom health charity, has discussed the value of Ecotherapy, which is "about getting out of doors and becoming active in a green environment as a way of boosting mental health. This includes taking regular walks in the countryside or the park, flying a kite, or taking part in a gardening therapy project.

"In the first study of its kind to examine the effects of green exercise on people with mental health problems, the researchers examined 20 members of local Mind groups who took part in two walks, one in a country park and one in an indoor shopping center, to test the impact on self-esteem, mood and enjoyment.

"The results showed that:
  • 71 per cent reported decreased levels of depression after the green walk.
  • 22 per cent felt their depression increased after walking through an indoor shopping center and only 45 per cent experienced a decrease in depression.
  • 71 per cent said they felt less tense after the green walk.
  • 50 per cent said they felt more tense after the shopping center walk.
  • 90 per cent said their self-esteem increased after the country walk.
  • 44 per cent reported decreased self-esteem after window shopping in the shopping center.
  • 88 per cent of people reported improved mood after the green walk.
  • 44.5 per cent of people reported feeling in a worse mood after the shopping center walk, 11 per cent reported no change and 44.5 per cent said their mood improved.
  • 71 per cent of people said they felt less fatigued after the green walk and 53 per cent said they felt more vigorous."

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