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WIndsy learning how to BREATHE and stretch

15 years ago 0 456 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi Windy,
It is great that the deep breathing is so beneficial !   If you have a lot of fears to the point of phobias or anxieties, these might be the sources of Some of your pain.  Shallow rapid breathing can cause several symptomes that mimic indigestion and mild-heartattack (chest pain, tingles in fingers, loss of feeling in jaw, etc).
Physical exercises, deep meditative breathing and the box breathing here are very good remedies !!!  Also, there is a fine line between listening to what out body is telling us and being hyper-vigilant for the smallest of signals.  So it is perfectly okay to notice that as the week wears on you might feel a bit more tired each day. It could point out that you are coming down with a cold. However, you will cause your anxiety to rise to the limits of tolerable if you take your pulse every 37 minutes and worry that it has risen even if you have not gotten up from your chair in the last 15 minutes.  Fatigue in the first case is your body telling you that something is coming along.  THe second case is one of hyper-vigilance and where one is looking for a symptome.
All this Rambling because I am in a mixed stated these past two days ... and need to get all the ideas out in a bunch, to say...
Just because one doctor cannot find the exact source of your pain does not make it unimportant or not real.  If you have a way to deal with it like exercise, or deep breathing then these natural methods should be exploited to the full potential. 
I noticed that you mentioned some fears and anxiety and when I am wound up like a spring it hurts me in the middle of my chest ... the first times I thought I was going to die at 12 yr old.  I thought the dr who told me it was stress was crazy and that I was a hopeless case in the last moments of my life!!!  Well, I have learned a lot since then and my General Anxiety Disorder manifests itself as a tight sharp pain just above my heart or as a burning from the middle of my chest to the back of my mouth (acid-reflux).  So if you are Stressed and Running Ragged, you might be doing yourself the best thing!!!
I hope all this new things, the recipie, the company, the job, the class, the social-group, and the dr appointment all go well.
Do you find some time to rest in the middle of all that?
15 years ago 0 910 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Wow Windsy,
You are being so very proactive in getting better. Congratulations and good for you! You should be very proud. As for the pain it most definetely is not your fault. And hey, if the stretching and breathing helps that is such good news! Hang in there, it can get better. This too shall pass!
15 years ago 0 12049 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Glad to see you are doing something active about your pain and we are glad that you are feeling better!  Working on your lifestyle is indeed a move in the right direction.  Exercise can help the mind and body.
Have a great dinner!

Josie, Health Educator
15 years ago 0 201 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
hi windy, you sound positive, sorry to hear about this pain - have you tried massage, acupunture, hypnosis? no, it's not your fault, your mind controls your body, though - don't ignore signals, could be faulty wiring like so many other things. i feel for you - god i hate pain, but all you can do is breathe your way through it, don't fight it only makes it worse. try massage, it really helped me, the first time i walked out of there all woozy i was so relaxed.
15 years ago 0 72 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi Everyone:
I just want to see how everyone is doing.  Monday night I went to my 2nd stretch & relaxation class and my pain is much better.  Yesterday I only need 1 narcotic pill during the whole day.....I did not want to go on Monday evening b/c of therapy, talking about BIG family issues.  I went b/c I go with a friend and I am glad I did.  Whenever I find time I want to do them at home, and I learnt it is okay to BREATHE.  On Sunday I learnt some breathing techniques in meditation and it is helping and I am modeling for my special ed students.  I am also going to the symphony again on Sunday with my friend, about a polar bear.  I find joining the social group- mood disorders group helped me alot.....I am glad they are there and I am glad I have this board for support.  Thank You......I was afraid to breathe b/c I was never shown deep breathing, but now I find it relaxaes me instead of keying me up.  I just have to PRACTICE and keep doing it.  I don't think my burning pain is due to physical reasons, my EMG is normal and I go to pain clinic tomorrow to see if they have any ideas.  However, I need support to understand that it is NOT my fault that my body is giving me signals.  I have so much pain that it has manifested to my body in burning pain.  Can someone please explain if this has happened to them and what they have done>>>  Is it MY fault that I have a somatization disorder?????  It is REAL pain but no physical cause yet but if I do exercises, stretching and relaxing it helps alot.  On Friday I will be subbing at a daycare for the first time, and the workers said they are excited I am coming.  Now that is encouragement.......Have a great day.....I have to run now as I only have 2 jobs today and then I am making a late supper for my niece and her boyfriend.....I am using a new recipe from the internet so I hope it turns out....but at least now I am willing to try, which before I was a hermit.  PS: Since my friend and I have joined social group- she is getting out more, inviting me for supper and seeing her friends again and she is NOT a hermit on the couch anymore.
Thinking of all of you.....Windsy

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