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2022-01-23 1:36 PM

Depression Community


Happy New Year! Who's quitting?

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2022-01-21 1:22 PM

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Self worth


2022-01-07 4:50 PM

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PMS and depression

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I do not normally struggle with depression but lately I have been feeling super down during my time of the month. This is not normal for me. I know other women have mood swings during their periods and I wanted to hear from women who were able to manage their pms symptoms. I know alcohol impacts my mood and I still continue to drink but even when I am not drinking very much I still get extreme mood swings. I just basically hate my life for a week and think everything is terrible and then after the week I feel normal again. I talked to my doctor about it and they gave me some information and talked about medications. I don't really want to take medications so I really just wanted to hear from others and what is working for them. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Normally I would just tough it out but I feel like my moodiness might be impacting my kids. I want to be a happy mom and not a moody mom. Can any moms or women relate?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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