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2021-01-17 12:33 PM

Managing Drinking Community


2 days alcohol and nicotine free. Help!


2021-01-17 12:28 PM

Managing Drinking Community


New Year, New Me!!?


2021-01-17 12:20 PM

Quit Smoking Community


5 Years Today :)


2021-01-09 4:05 AM

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Isolation and Social nerves

a month ago +1 Roseala 5 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 1

Dear Nervousnelly,

Do not let COVID get you down.I can totally relate to having social anxiety and sometimes it is easier said than done. It seems I am okay with being a hermit these days. But then it starts the cycle of the avoidance behaviour. I would definitely say call up/meet up with a close friend to start and as you become more comfortable add in others.

The strategy that I have for myself is to always start small and then work my way up. Something is better than nothing.

Hope this helps : )


I am sitting at home wondering when my life will get better. I have been thinking I need to get more social for some time now. Covid hit and I am more isolated then ever. The problem is when I do go out into the big bad world I find myself being socially anxious. I wasn't that socially anxious before now I feel like a freak. I have been alone for so long I forget how to be social. I always feel awkward and then after I talk to someone I over analyze everything I said and did then end up feeling embarrassed about something I did. AM i alone in this?

The other day my only friend suggested we hang out with two other people. I immediately felt nervous and annoyed she even asked. I realized I was being ridiculous and agreed to spend time with everyone. The day of I tried to distract myself and stay positive. During the meeting I felt weird and on edge. I think they noticed. I didn't say much because like I said I have forgotten how to be social. So at the end of the event I just felt exhausted and kind of defeated. why is being social so hard for me now? Does anyone else feel this way. I could really use some advice from someone who knows what it's like to feel nervous about stupid things.

thanks for reading!!!!

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