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18 years!

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2022-05-18 2:22 PM

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Morel Mushroom Season

Ashley -> Health Educator

2022-05-18 2:20 PM

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2022-05-09 6:27 PM

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Quitting again! Anyone else?


2022-05-02 7:41 PM

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Fear of Anxiety itself

Great work Freeatlast69!

It sounds like you're doing exposure work all on your own. Very impressive. You clearly have a lot of insight into your mental health. Perhaps, your "diving deep" did have some benefits. 😁

I encourage you to check out the anxiety program as it will help you to perfect what you are already doing. In the very least, check out session 3 which focuses on challenging anxiety. The questions to challenge anxiety are very helpful and I refer to them all the time. If you end up completing the session, let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for posting!

Take care,


Yup I can relate to what Vitesse is describing. Makes sense to me. I'm working on questioning what my fears mean to me and are they accurate. Most of my fears are a result of my own beliefs and when I research the evidence I find that I'm wrong most of the time. Fear of Fear has strong emotions attached to it. I'm learning to stand in the face of fear although it's uncomfortable I see it for what's it worth, anxious energy and nothing more. The initial anxiety is quite high but as I stick it out it fades. The time gets much shorter each time I face the fear In other words when I feel fear, instead of distracting myself or escaping I'll give myself permission to feel the fear and question it.

4 years ago 0 Gary68 8 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

I can relate to this fear. I hate feeling stressed or anxious and I avoid things just to avoid the feeling but when i actually think about what I fear I think I am being silly. It is really frustrating.

I used to do this all the time! I do it a lot less now. But it took some practice that is for sure! How are you doing with it?

Welcome Vitesse!

I am sorry to read how you have been feeling. The thoughts you are worrying about certainly are very scary. I am not sure where you are writing from but I want to assure you that it is very unlikely you would be forced into a mental institution. Depression and Anxiety does not develop into more serious mental health issues like long term psychosis. If you ever were at risk of harming yourself or another person you can be taken to the emergency room; but, to my understanding they cannot force you into anything without your consent. I think it would be practical to talk to your therapist about your fears to determine if they are even probable. That may reassure you.

The best way to challenge anxious thoughts is to question them, so I also encourage you to talk to your therapist about your fears and work with them to challenge them. You can also check out Session 3 to read more about how to challenge anxious thoughts. Using the 10 questions by yourself, with us or with your therapist will likely be very helpful to you.

Let us know what you learn! I hope to read from you more soon.

Ashley - Health Educator

4 years ago 0 Vitesse 1 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

My issue is that I fear what anxiety means? This seems to be me feeling anxious about being anxious. Many years ago I went through anxiety and depression and it left me scarred in a way that anytime I feel anxious or panicky I associate it with me falling into another serious episode of anxiety and depression. My fears are about the anxiety getting out of control, being forced into a mental institution, losing everything and everyone in my life.

I am seeing a certified therapist for CBT and taking medication. However, I go through periods of anxiety and it scares me to the point that I associate it with what happened many years ago. I start to self-analyze and monitor the physical sensations in my body, which of course makes it worse.

Not sure if anyone has had this same experience and if so what they have done to successfully deal with this.  

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