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Another way to look at cravings

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-02-04 2:14 PM

Quit Smoking Community


Progress but very hard

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-02-04 2:07 PM

Quit Smoking Community


NEW Year NEW goals

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-01-27 6:06 PM

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Dobro došli!

HR Admin

2023-01-25 12:04 PM

Managing Drinking Community

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December Blues

6 years ago 0 11128 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Thank you for your honesty and congratulations on getting right back to it. I'm impressed you were able to pour out the remaining scotch. I am sure that was not easy. How did you feel about that after you got over the initial loss?
I also think it's great that you have pin pointed the trigger - beginning vacations. How do you think you can prepare for it next time? How do you think you can transition to relax mode without alcohol?
Looking forward to hearing your insights,

Ashley, Health Educator
6 years ago 0 286 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
It sounds like you are aware and reflective about your December drinking and the triggers that started it.  Rewarding myself with a drink was something that I used to enjoy after a tough stretch at work.  I remember that well, the turn off the stress and turn on the holiday feeling.  The habit and ease of using alcohol to supply the transition and the reward, until it ceased being enjoyable.  

But you already know this as you poured out the remainder of the scotch.  Good for you for looking after yourself and getting back on track.  Physical activity is such a positive way to work off stress and ground yourself. 

I hope that you have a wonderful holiday and that you enjoy your time off in positive ways that feed your soul!
6 years ago 0 54 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

Life is good, the problems are under control and I finally have some vacation time - wouldn't it be glamorous to start that out with a bottle of scotch... 

I've managed to keep the drinking over the previous few months to just the infrequent occasion, and only with company and in moderation, but December is going a bit off the rails. Alcohol nearly every 2nd day, including two good'ol loner binges.  Of course, looking back at last night, not one of those glasses of scotch was particularly enjoyable. With a few recent stressors now out of the way I just wanted to start my vacation off by indulging in something expensive and decadent; and of course, scotch and craft beers are my vices of old. Oh, and a cigar too. In the house, in winter. (That'll go over well when the missus gets back tomorrow, lol!). The start of vacations has always been a trigger for me - like I need a good bender to knock my brain out of work mode and into relaxing mode. I must remember to watch out for that trigger in the future and make plans to head it off. (I think I said the same thing about 6 mths ago!)

I poured out the remaining scotch. Dumping 3/4 of a bottle of 12 yr old scotch down the drain is an expensive kick in the butt, but a necessary one.

I was doing so well in recent months... (and I still feel good about that). I need to get right back to exercising and looking after myself, including tending to my state of mind - after all I was sober when I went and bought that bottle yesterday, so something upstairs took a wrong turn. (That 'peculiar twist' our good friend Foxman likes to call it, I suppose.) 

The hangover this morning is not a particularly bad one, so I should be up to some physical activity later today. I shall endeavour to enjoy the rest of my time off the way I deserve to (and not let it slip away feeling I spent the whole time too strung out to do anything with it.)

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