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2020-10-30 4:44 AM

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2020-10-30 3:25 AM

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When Mindfulness Can Be Bad for You

Ashley -> Health Educator

2020-10-27 11:56 AM

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Tips for coping with stress at work

Ashley -> Health Educator
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Hi Everyone,

Work stress can be difficult for anyone to manage, but for those who are quitting smoking it can be even harder. With a few tips and tricks, coping with stress can be easier. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your break time:

  • Practice your deep breathing. Deep abdominal breathing improves circulation and eases muscle tension.
  • Check your e-mail. Subscribe to a messaging service that will send you daily jokes or inspirational quotes. A few funny or inspiring words can help lift your spirit and gain perspective
  • Turn on your radio to classical music has been shown to induce relaxation. Have it on in the background or tune in online. Many radio stations now have live feeds via the internet.
  • Stretch! Take a few minutes in between long tasks to take a stretch break. It can help increase alertness, improve blood flow and relieve tension.
  • Practice mindfulness. Mindfully eat your lunch, paying attention to the texture, taste and smell of what you are eating. Or go for a short mindful walk. Mindfully feel the breeze on your face and the feeling of the ground on your feet. Notice the colours, sounds and smells that you might normally ignore as you rush through your day. Being mindful has been proven to help alleviate stress.

How do you bring your stress levels down at work?


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