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Nothing but good things !!

17 years ago 0 1127 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi everyone, Another story about how good life is when you don't smoke. Here in The Netherlands our cars have to get a check up every year. Today I had to go there. There was a waitingroom and that's where I had a cup of coffee. I just sat there and thought about last year, when I still was a smoker. How convenient is life as a non smoker. I had to wait for almost 2 hours and I didn't I watched the people who smoke cause they go in and out the room all the time. Did I mention that you can smell them too??? LOL. Another good thing is the moneything. Normaly I was scared if they found something which had to be repaired. At the end of the month I was a little short on money. Not anymore.....I am not afraid of the end of the month. I have always money now. So, that's my positive story of the day. I wish you all the best and I'm glad to know you guys. Good luck and good health to all the brave quiters all over the world. ((((((((((((((quiters))))))))))))))) :)FINI :) [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 4/1/2006 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 114 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 2,856 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] �336.3 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 15 [B]Hrs:[/B] 17 [B]Mins:[/B] 16 [B]Seconds:[/B] 46
17 years ago 0 3368 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Our family has come upon some rough times here recently. My husband's company was bought by another company and my husband's position was eliminated. I am grateful that we do not smoke anymore. That is money would not have otherwise and really need it right now. [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 5/12/2006 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 73 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 2,203 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $292 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 6 [B]Hrs:[/B] 4 [B]Mins:[/B] 17 [B]Seconds:[/B] 33
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17 years ago 0 8760 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Dutch Fini, Thanks for sharing this story with us! Glad to see your reaping the benefits of your quit! Danielle _____________________________ The SSC Support Team

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