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Rewards to help motivate you

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Quitting or cutting down is a real accomplishment and you need to reward yourself along the way.

We encourage you to think ahead and plan how you’ll reward yourself for all of your accomplishments over the coming months. Reward yourself by buying things that you otherwise might not by, or by spending time with certain people, or by going places.

What are two things that you could do to reward yourself on a daily basis?

In addition to your daily rewards, set aside at least 1 to 4 hours every week to reward yourself for staying tobacco free for your most recent seven day stretch of staying quit.

Weekly rewards might include:

•   A hike with the kids

•   Seeing a special movie

•   Getting a manicure or getting your hair done

•   Going out for dinner

•   Investing time in a hobby

•   A long walk with a friend

What are two activities that you could do to reward yourself on a weekly basis?

Your first month is a tremendous personal accomplishment and an important milestone. You should plan something very special after the first month you accomplished your goals. Let your imagination run wild – you deserve it!

What could you do to reward yourself after your first month?

Every week we encourage you to take your savings and tuck them away in a special place (you would be spending the money anyway – so now watch it grow!).

You can reward yourself at your six month milestone by...

•   Taking a well deserved vacation.

•   Buying a new bike.

•   Update your wardrobe.

•   Investing your money or paying off a debt.

You've developed a plan for these rewards, and you’ve saved some money… now take the time to enjoy yourself! You definitely deserve it!

What have you rewarded yourself with?

Ashley, Health Educator

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