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5 Years Today :)

a year ago +1 Lynn123 322 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 1


It does get easier. There will be new challenges but the confidence you gain on your journey will help you overcome them. Stay strong!


Thank you. I have no doubt I will make it. I lost my mom to a tragic accident a few years after I gave up alcohol. I wanted to drink then but didn't. That experience proved to me that I did not need alcohol to get me through the tough times. You're right, life isn't easy. Crazy as it sounds, it's easier for me to face the tough times sober.

I come back here to offer as much support as I am able. Before giving up alcohol, I would read through the posts finding encouraging words. I personally experienced the power of a few words when I took Ashley's (Health Educator) advice. I can't give professional advice, but I am hoping that my words provide the support that can help someone.

Good luck to everyone!


a year ago +1 grapeseed 71 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 1

It was very very nice to read your journey Lynn. It gives me lots of hope and it inspires. Congratulations. Change is hard. I am hoping it will get easier.

a year ago +1 Cheryl 534 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 1

Lynn 123,

What a nice testimony you made out of all your hard work that you have managed to perform over the last years. Quitting anything is hard, and the longer you have been with it the more that you feel it will not be possible. But looking back now, for me it was finding something to do to get past the first 5 minutes.I was a forty year smoker at a pack a day. I am so grateful to have found the friends that I found on this site. Yes, I did end up spending a lot of time on the computer just talking, fantasizing and just plain passing the time. It tapered off after the first year as I found more life things to fill my time. Now days I am rarely here. I usually come to check up on how long it has been since I quit.

You will also find friends here and what ever the need is to fill your time, It is OK It helps you get through those empty hours that you used to fill with what ever you current NEED TO HAVE thing is. You will talk about one step at a time the little things that you got through without ______. I have now been over 14 years without, and don't have any desire to return. Life isn't always easy and on occasion I do have a fleeting thought of perhaps it might help get me through. But I am strong now and even though my husband passed away 2 months ago, I never seriously thought of returning to old habits. You can do it as well. One step at a time, one hour at a time , on day, one month, one year. Next thing you know you will be checking back to see how long you have been without and gasping at the money you saved but don't know where it is...LOL. Keep going you will make it.

That sounds lovely Lynn! You also seem to fit in tons of physical activity! 👍 Awesome. I have barely enough energy for strength training, let alone strength training and a walk. ;) Nice job!

Thanks for sharing,


a year ago 0 Lynn123 322 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0


I have been spending my time trying to do whatever I want to do. 😊 As a habit driven person, that can sometimes be hard do.  I have been having some really great mornings, it’s been nice easing into the day. After some quiet time, I head out for my time in the gym lifting weights. I usually follow that up with a trail walk or trail bike ride. 

The rest of the day is wide open, and I love it. I am an outside person, but I live in a state that is hot and humid right now, so afternoon outside time isn’t very pleasurable right now. But it will be! Fortunately for us it never really gets too cold here so better days are ahead. I have spent time floating in the pool reading, which has been nice. I love to read, but in the past, I always found myself reading something that I needed for class.   I taught science so there was always something I could read. 

I taught at the same school for the first 23 years of my career.  Seven years ago, I chose to leave that school for one three hours away from home. My wife stayed at home and I lived in an apartment during the school year. I came home most weekends, but it wasn't the same as living permanently at home. So, I’m now enjoying spending time with my wife, my dogs, my cats, and friends. I paddle board when I can and love anything that involves water. 

I feel like I have control over my life and know that this chapter of my life will be great. Life is definitely better when we have control!     

Thank you,


Hi Lynn,

You made so many good points. How we think and how we spend our time has such a huge impact on our health and life; especially when substances are a problem for us. I am curious, how have you been filling your time lately? I really enjoy propagating plants and anything involving being in nature or studying nature.

Thanks again for sharing your wisdom with us!

Take care,


a year ago 0 Lynn123 322 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0


I was beginning my 25 year of teaching when I stopped drinking. I had wrestled with the idea of waiting until my retirement to take on such a task. Having a lot of time on my hands is new to me now, but I’m enjoying learning to fill it. I cannot imagine trying to convince myself not to drink with so much unfilled time.

To a degree, I think we innately know what is right for us. It’s our ability to rationalize, to make things what we want them to be, that gets us in trouble, or keeps us where we are. I’m thankful I didn’t try and rationalize waiting to stop drinking. I’m pretty sure I would still be drinking if I had. 

Thanks again for all that you do for this site.


Congratulations Lynn!

Your post made me tear up a bit. I am so happy for you. You deserve to enjoy your retirement on your terms and not on the terms alcohol dictates.

Thank you for posting and inspiring us!


a year ago +1 Lynn123 322 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

hors controle,

Thank you! I'm looking forward to this next phase of my life. How is your garden?


Congratulation Lynn!!

I am sincerely happy for you. 5 years is a long time and you seem very serein entering retirement.

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