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Another way to look at cravings

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-02-04 2:14 PM

Quit Smoking Community


Progress but very hard

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-02-04 2:07 PM

Quit Smoking Community


NEW Year NEW goals

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-01-27 6:06 PM

Depression Community


Dobro došli!

HR Admin

2023-01-25 12:04 PM

Managing Drinking Community

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2023, a new year!

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Dragi korisnici,

Stranice Evolution Health programa prevode se i na engleski jezik!

Za početak, u narednim će danima biti postavljene stranice programa samoregulacije štetnog pijenja (Managing Drinking), a s vremenom će biti prevedeni i ostali programi.

Ima li na forumu korisnika s hrvatskog jezičnog područja? Javite nam se, podijelite svoja iskustva, mišljenja, osvrte, ideje, prijedloge...

Dobro došli!


Dear users,

The pages of the Evolution Health program are also translated into English!

To begin with, in the coming days, the pages of the self-regulation program for harmful drinking (Managing Drinking) will be posted, and other programs will be translated over time.

Are there users on the forum from the Croatian language area? Contact us, share your experiences, opinions, reviews, ideas, suggestions...



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Have you begun to quit or moderate this January? Or are you planning on quitting or cutting back soon? Please post here and we can support eachother as a group!

Please share your reasons for quitting or moderating and any questions or thoughts you may have. I would love to read from all of you!


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