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Managing Drinking Community

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My first day

2 months ago 0 Pumpkinss 19 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 1

Hi Kikidee!

I am trying to cut back too. Two drinks a day would be good for me but I never manage to stick to it. I love wine. I decided to stop drinking wine because I drink it too fast and love it too much. I switched to white claws and that seemed to help...but I still always end up drinking too much. Now I am trying to go a month with no alcohol at all. I made it a week but caved on Saturday. I was already starting to notice the benefits. I am super bummed about it.

I am sorry to hear how drinking has effected your health. To be honest, I am too scared to go to the doctor so I have no idea if it has impacted me at all. Good for you for checking. At least now you know.

Glad you are here. Hopefully we can help each other. My hubby is also quitting and I also think it is easier for him. I am not sure why. I feel like I am a bit emotionally dependant on alcohol where he is not as much. I am curious to know why you also think it is easier for your husband?

How is your first day going?

I didn't yesterday but I want a drink today :( Hopefully I can make it through. I seem to get really moody around that time of the month (now) and I always turn to alcohol to make me feel better. I need a new pattern I guess.

Hope you are well!


2 months ago 0 KiKi Dee 1 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 2

Hello Everyone,

Day One for me with the goal of greatly reducing my alcohol intake. No more than 2 drinks per day. White wine is my alcohol of choice and has been with me all my adult life. I have recently learned that my drinking has caused an enlarged liver, low red blood cell count, and too much iron in my blood. How stupid of me! My husband drinks a lot too so we are doing this goal together. (I know it will be easier for him).

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