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Managing hunger

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Hi reset,

Sorry to here you were experiencing an error. I have been informed the error that was on the community was now resolved. If you continue to experience the error please let me know.

I think what you said made a lot of sense. You avoid temptation by not going to restaurants or cooking very tasty foods and you eat smaller portions and do not aim to be full. I can see how that could work for a lot of people. Thank you for sharing!


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Hi Ashley

trying to reply here in a new thread to your question. There is something wrong technically on this website when I am trying to reply directly to your post.

Not sure if what I am writing is really any helpful, as things may be different for different people.

But here is what seemed to have worked for me regarding hunger-control:

I must admit, I have the feeling that I have lost some of the enjoyment coming from food, by not cooking at home much any more, and by not going to restaurants where everything is prepared nicely. So this may play a role in some people, like me too. I think much of the "hunger" was not real hunger for me but rather desire.

Again, I am not sure if this is making any sense, I am just Trying to make any sense out of how I lost some weight. Many other things and changes happened in my life recently and I am going through a crisis. So maybe also that is helpful challenge just everything you have been used to doing until now. For example I challenged the way I am eating, what I am eating and when. I recognized that I don't need to feel full to stop eating. I think I stop at 20-30-50% of fullness. Not because I want to starve or so, but just out of interest, to see if I come by eating much less at a time. I am then again trying to listen to my body, when is the critical point to eat just SOMEthing. Then I eat just something, not much.

Maybe once a day, in the morning or over lunchtime I am eating up to fullness.

Again, please don't lose time by taking my words too seriously, as I believe, timing may play a role too. As do others maybe which I am just not aware of.

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