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Healthy weight goals

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Thank you for sharing your goal with us. Congrats on how far you have already come.

What do you think is causing the plateau? What types of exercises do you do at the gym?

Please remember the number on the scale isn't the most important thing. Muscle weighs more than fat. A lower number on the scale isn't always the healthiest thing to focus on. I'm not sure what your height is but 58kg already seems to be a healthy weight. What are your thoughts on this?


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My goal is to reach a weight of 53 kg. I know for sure that this goal is achievable, because I already had such weight. I started gaining when I began to live alone, and I could eat at any time ... I think it's a familiar story :)

Now my weight is 58 kg. My worst weight is 65 kg, and I managed to lose 7 kg in six months - I lost weight on a calorie deficit. Now I'm on a plateau and I want to start losing weight again. I go to the gym twice a week, ride a bike - I think to go 3

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A new year is just a day away! Many people set goals or make resolutions now. If you are considering setting a goal for yourself. Set yourself up for success by ensuring you set a "smart" goal.

The acronym SMART is broken down as follows:

S - Specific - Be sure that you specifically outline what you want to accomplish. Breaking large goals into small steps helps too.

M - Measurable - Be sure you are able to measure if you achieved the goal or not. For example, a certain number of pages read, a certain fear level reached at a specific situation, a certain amount of time spent working on the program etc.

A - Achievable - Be sure your goals are realistic and attainable. It can be very overwhelming and demotivating if goals are too difficult to reach. Start small. 

R - Resonant - Make sure you are excited about the goal and that you will feel accomplished when you achieve this goal. Goals that are not resonant make it difficult to work towards.

T - Time Stamped - Make sure you give yourself specific deadlines when you want to goal to be completed.

What SMART goal will you set? Please share do we can support you and help you to stay accountable.


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