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2024-04-20 11:42 PM

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2024-04-11 5:06 AM

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2024-04-08 3:54 PM

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COVID19 questions and availability of our programs and services

4 years ago (Edited 4 years ago) +1 48 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 1

Hi everyone,

Over the past few weeks we've seen an influx in the number of program registrations (no problem - since we are 100% virtual we can handle everyone), and we've also had a lot of people contact us directly with specific questions on COVID-19.

Our members are primarily American and Canadian, so here are the best resources for you to refer to:

For Americans:

For Canadians:

If we have members from other countries who would like us to post government healthcare authority links, please contact us directly and we will post the links.

In the past we have asked that all community posts address the community's main topic. However, we are going to relax the rules and allow members to post questions and concerns about COVID-19 in all of our forums.

To maintain the integrity of the communities we will delete or edit posts that contain spam or advertising for specific products or services. Our support team will actively monitory to forums, however we ask that users contact us directly if they see posts with spam, advertising, or links to information on sites that may be using COVID-19 to prey on vulnerable people.

Please also continue to support each other through our Private Messenger tool.




Dr. Trevor van Mierlo, Chief Scientific Officer

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