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Fight depression


2021-07-25 7:17 PM

Depression Community


Social Isolation and Staying Active


2021-07-22 3:40 PM

Healthy Weight Community


Quitting soon


2021-07-03 6:45 PM

Quit Smoking Community


Managing urges to drink while quitting smoking


2021-07-03 2:22 PM

Managing Drinking Community

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New Forum! (experiment)

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Hi everyone,

At the request of a few members we've gone ahead and created this forum.

In the past (like - >10 years ago), we wanted 100% of conversation to be around the quitting process. We were afraid of people spamming the community, or the community losing focus.

Well, thanks to some valuable advice from wise and constant users like HK01 and Timbo637, we've modified our thinking and are going to try this out.

So, if you need some distraction, would like to share some news with fellow members, or just want to hang out this is the place to do it. If this works we'll add a similar forum to the Anxiety and Depression community.

Please feel free to add your input - and thanks!


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