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Question for ex-dippers

14 years ago 0 fed_up 11 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Thanks again for the replies. Everything is going good. It's funny, but I don't even crave snuff. Where are all the other dippers/chewers? Fed_up [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 10/29/2006 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 51 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 515 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $102 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 5 [B]Hrs:[/B] 22 [B]Mins:[/B] 23 [B]Seconds:[/B] 57
14 years ago 0 fed_up 11 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Infinite D, or any of the other quitters (I use that word the good way), I have a question. My gums are starting to feel weird. Almost like they are itchy and a little painful. Did this happen to you all after you quit? Also, I am feeling guilty for quitting. Almost like I owe the devil for using snuff for 15 years. I think I quit in time. No cancer or anything. Is that weird? Thanks for any replies. Fed_up [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 10/29/2006 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 48 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 480 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $96 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 5 [B]Hrs:[/B] 12 [B]Mins:[/B] 48 [B]Seconds:[/B] 14
14 years ago 0 fed_up 11 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
ParrotLady, thanks for the advice. I did a search and it seems a lot of people have mouth problems after quitting. I was hoping to get some ex-dippers experiences though. The ex-smokers are a great help with their stories, experience and encouragement, but hopefully some ex-dippers/chewers will chime in. I did go to the dentist 3 days ago for a check-up and he said that I had two ulcers in my mouth. One I knew about and the other I didn't. He said everything looked ok and to come back in two weeks. After that is when my gums started to feel weird. Maybe it's in my head, or maybe the hygentist irratated them when she scraped the plaque. Who knows? Thanks again Fed_up [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 10/29/2006 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 48 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 485 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $96 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 5 [B]Hrs:[/B] 14 [B]Mins:[/B] 12 [B]Seconds:[/B] 33
14 years ago 0 Parrot Lady 738 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi Fed UP! I don't use snuff, but I do know that when you get that feeling like you are guilty for quitting, it's a sort of rationalization to go back to it. Believe me, I've gone back so many times, and even if it's not snuff, and addiction is an addiction and that's the addiction talking! So tell the guilt where to get off, and distract your mind from that, OK? Congratulations for quitting, you have some nice stats showing now! And I did have a lot of mouth sores, so did some others, when we quit smoking, so snuff users may actually have more, I don't know for sure. Maybe it's the paralysed nerve endings coming back to life? It makes sense to me, but others will be along with the real facts. Have you done a search? At the top of any page it says "search messages" and you can find almost any topic you can think of. Someone on here has either experienced it or knows where to find the info for you. Keep up the great work, you are lookin good without that wad in your mouth! Denise [IMG][/IMG] [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 10/16/2006 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 61 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 1,834 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $457.5 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 7 [B]Hrs:[/B] 3 [B]Mins:[/B] 16 [B]Seconds:[/B] 13
14 years ago 0 Infinite_D 80 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hello fed_up. Those 48 days are looking great! Congratulations! I don't remember the itchy feeling after I quit, but, my gums were a bit painful, and I did have more mouth sores than usual. I agree with Casey that this is most likely due to the chemical changes going on within your body as it adjusts to life after tobacco addiction. I talked to my doctor about it at the time, and he suggested that when I brush my teeth, I [color=Red]LIGHTLY[/color] also brush my gums. He told me that the idea is just to stimulate gum tissue. So, ever since that day, I've made a habit of doing this every so often when I brush my teeth. I don't do it every time, though. They also make special gum brushes that you can buy in the toothbrush isle at most grocery stores which are made of soft rubber, which is probably better than using your toothbrush, especially if you have any tendency at all to press too hard in the first place. I think I've even seen toothbrushes where one side is a regular toothbrush, and the other side is a gum brush. You could try this, and see if it helps at all, and if problems persist, as Casey has already mentioned, you should probably check with your doctor or dentist. Regarding the feelings of guilt, I agree with what ParrotLady and Casey said as well. The only one you owe is yourself, and nobody else! You've done something great for you and your health, there's absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. Just remember, you DESERVE to be happy, healthy, and free of tobacco addiction, and as Casey mentions, don't forget to reward yourself along the way! You're making great progress - keep up the great work! :) Infinite_D [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 5/21/2005 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 575 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 12,076 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $632.5 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 74 [B]Hrs:[/B] 8 [B]Mins:[/B] 30 [B]Seconds:[/B] 21

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