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Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-06-11 4:17 PM

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hi :)

Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-06-11 4:06 PM

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2021-06-10 5:00 AM

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Covid vaccine


2021-06-06 3:03 PM

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Chewing Tobacco

14 years ago 0 marlie 227 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
I know what you mean princess it is scary stuff I saw those pictures to and it set me back also. it is all bad stuff we just need to be aware of chew because alot of people use it to get off cigs and it is highly addictive also and can do alot of damage. [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 8/18/2006 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 14 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 283 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $55.72 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 1 [B]Hrs:[/B] 9 [B]Mins:[/B] 58 [B]Seconds:[/B] 34
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14 years ago 0 PrincessC 1128 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
My friend is still smoke free - he is now 11 weeks and off course hasnt touched the chewing tobacco either. I think i scared him enough to leave it alone. PrincessC :) x
14 years ago 0 PrincessC 1128 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Until i came here i really didnt know much about chewing tobacco. I have a very good friend who was trying to give up smoking, he went back to the US for vacation and brought some chewing tobacco home. (I still did not know what it was all about). He showed me it and i smelt it, it smelt minty but brown. After reading some of the posts in here about chewing tobacco and what is does i did some research on the product coz i had no idea what a plug was. I saw pictures that will take me a long time to get out of my head, i laid in bed last night almost in tears coz i didnt want to loose my friend in this way. I called him this morning and asked him if it was chewing tobacco that he had been using, he said yes. I asked if he had stopped using it, he said yes. You have no idea how releived i was. I said thank you, im so glad you're not using that any more, i said please promise me you wont ever use it again. He promised me he wouldnt. Knowlegdge IS power. I dont want to loose my friend. PrincessC x [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 7/11/2006 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 17 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 393 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $173.4 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 1 [B]Hrs:[/B] 8 [B]Mins:[/B] 59 [B]Seconds:[/B] 28
14 years ago 0 Shevie 2027 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
I'm glad your friend saw the light, PrincessC. Tobacco is a killer, no matter what form it comes in. Smoked, it causes lung cancer that rarely presents symptoms until just before it kills you. Chewed, it causes permenant disfigurement at the least. Nasty stuff, tobacco. If it were newly developed today, it most likely would be outlawed. Shevie [B]My Milage:[/B] [B]My Quit Date: [/B] 5/23/2005 [B]Smoke-Free Days:[/B] 431 [B]Cigarettes Not Smoked:[/B] 8,633 [B]Amount Saved:[/B] $1637.8 [B]Life Gained:[/B] [B]Days:[/B] 80 [B]Hrs:[/B] 11 [B]Mins:[/B] 24 [B]Seconds:[/B] 25
Princess, This addiction is just as lethal as the cigarettes. I am glad your friend has stopped. I have also seen pictures that I never thought were possible. Knowledge is power, thanks for sharing yours! Keep Strong, Josie _____________________ The SSC Support Team.

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