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I made it a week and then I caved...


2020-11-23 4:33 AM

Managing Drinking Community


7 Years Tomorrow!!!

Ashley -> Health Educator

2020-11-18 8:41 AM

Quit Smoking Community


My Quit Journey


2020-11-16 9:44 AM

Quit Smoking Community


My first day


2020-11-09 2:29 PM

Managing Drinking Community

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1000 Days

Wow! Congratulations Timbo637!

Thank you for posting and inspiring us.

How did you reward yourself for this milestone?

Ashley, Health Educator
4 years ago 0 Timbo637 740 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Today marks my one thousandth day of being smoke free! Never thought I'd be smoke free for so long. It does get easier with time. Anyone can do it IF they set their mind to it. You really have to WANT it for it to work. N.O.P.E.
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