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How can your friends and family help you quit?

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Hi everyone,

Quitting smoking is tough. Successful quitters usually have multiple resources for support. Social support is essential. Coming here and posting with like-minded individuals is highly recommended. It is also recommended to have a plan on how to include or exclude certain individuals in your life. I say exclude because some individuals will trigger your cravings. People who smoke, people who are anxiety provoking, people who do not believe in you, are all people you may want to avoid early in your quit. Other people who are supportive are great to recruit as part of your quit plan. Let them know you are quitting. Ask them for their support and let them know what exactly you would find supportive. Would you like them to check in on you once in awhile? Would you like to be able to vent to them? Would you like them to distract you? What would be helpful for you? Most caring people would love to support someone that is important to them, but they may not know how; make their job easier and let them know.

Who will you be including in your quit plan and how will you include them? Also, who will you be avoiding and for how long? Your quit plan is an important part of quit success. Please share your thoughts with us.

Thanks for reading,


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