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It's quiet around here lately

a year ago 0 Timbo637 740 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

Things sure have slowed down around here since the switch to the new website. Not only here in the quit smoking forums, but the other forums too. Summertime things do usually slack off, lets hope things will pick up when the weather starts changing. The new year always brings new users around with their new years resolutions for quitting smoking, over eating, drinking.....all that taboo stuff that satisfies peoples pleasures. 😂 Lets hope it will pick up before the end of the year comes around.

In the mean time, enjoy the weather, the daylight, and all of those wonderful aromas of summer. Sorry for those of you that are in the winter season now and dislike the cold, snow and shivering that goes along with it. Spring is just around the corner for you though. Just think positive thoughts! 😊

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