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Weight and mood

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Hi Allevi,

That sounds very frustrating. It sounds like all your thoughts are occupied on losing weight. You try not to eat but then rationalize that it is OK to eat, then you eat too much. Is what I'm saying accurate? If so, no wonder you are exhausted. Not reaching your goals can be demotivating.When effort isn't moving us forward it can be hard to stick with it.

Limiting ourselves too much can be counter productive. Replacing foods we enjoy with healthier options can help us to stick with our lifestyle change. For example, if you give up sugary sodas what can you replace it with that will be satisfying and still rewarding? If you give up fried foods what food with lower calories do you still enjoy? If you give up dessert what can you replace it with? For example, I do not eat sweets very often. When I'm craving sugar I may have a soda water or a piece of fruit with nut better. I find these things even more satisfying. Remember that including more protien in your diet can help you to feel satiated longer. Also, remember that if we skip meals or go hungry we are much more likely to over eat when we do eat. Eating small but satisfying meals throughout the day can help you to control your hunger and keep you happier too.

Losing weight can take time. Changing our lifestyle instead of going on "diets" is more successful in the long term. How do you think you would like to change your lifestyle? What are a few small changes you can make this week? We are here to be a sounding board or offer advice if you need any help. You're not in this alone.

Thanks for posting!


a year ago 0 4 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

I am not obese, but it is very difficult to see that you have become fatter than you were a few years ago. You try not to eat, hold on for a couple of days, and then eat all the food at home. You tell yourself that it doesn't matter, you're already fat anyway. And so on in a circle. It is really very exhausting. All thoughts are occupied with how to lose weight.

a year ago 0 11222 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

Multiple studies have confirmed that people with obesity struggle with mood and anxiety. In fact, adults with excess weight were 55% more likely to to have depression in their lifetime. What’s more so is that obesity & depression seem to fuel each other in a vicious circle.

If you are struggling with weight, do be sure to check out our healthy weight program and community. We are here to help.

What impact has your weight had on your mood?


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