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Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-02-04 2:14 PM

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Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-02-04 2:07 PM

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2023-01-27 6:06 PM

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2023-01-25 12:04 PM

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Secrets for Holiday Happiness

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I wish everyone a happy holiday! If you're not feeling happy, you are not alone. Please post!


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I know that this is an old post but I really have to echo this. I found that I always struggle to get through the holidays. I find you can be surrounded by people but feel severely alone. These tips are super helpful! Thank you!
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Hi Members,
I found a great article in Psychology Today and I thought I would share. The article discusses four science-based ways to be more happy over the holidays.
Here is the gist:
Put phones and devices away - checking in on technology distracts you from being mindful and in the moment when with loved ones. Put the phone away and gently encourage other loved ones to do the same.
Focus on others - The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone especially for those prone to anxiety or social anxiety. Instead of focusing on how you are feeling, focus on how you can help others feel better. Focusing on others allows us to be happier as it gives us meaning and purpose.
Remember the gifts you already have - Making an effort to bring to mind what we are grateful for makes us happy, this is proven by science!
Really cut off from work - It may be tough to completely shut yourself off from work temporarily but it is important to do so. It allows you to be present in the moment and focus on what really matters."Research shows that walks in nature, cuddling with loved ones (or pets), meditating, exercising, or engaging in activities you love like reading can profoundly reduce your stress and give you a renewed sense of perspective and happiness."
To read the complete article visit:
Members, what are your secrets for holiday happiness? 

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