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New Year, New Me!!?


2021-01-19 1:49 AM

Quit Smoking Community


Friends who drink


2021-01-18 3:47 PM

Managing Drinking Community


2 days alcohol and nicotine free. Help!


2021-01-17 12:28 PM

Managing Drinking Community


5 Years Today :)


2021-01-09 4:05 AM

Managing Drinking Community

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New Community Feature: "Last Logged In"

a year ago 0 Timbo637 744 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

What's up doc? (Always wanted to say that!) 😁

I like this feature that you have added. It's easier to keep tabs on the users. I often wondered how long it was since a user logged into the system. Now if I could just remember their user names... I don't think you can help me there. LOL.

Once again, thanks for adding this feature.

Hi Everyone,

Several members have asked us to create a "last logged in" feature so members can see when others have last logged into the platform. We've added this feature to each member's public profile page (see below):


Please message me directly if you have any other changes or additions to the platform that you'd like to see.


Trevor and the Evolution Health Dev Team

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