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Social anxiety disorder

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Social anxiety disorder is a strong fear of being judged or humiliated in social situations. This fear interferes with day-to-day life and must be present for longer than six months. Sometimes the fear characteristic of social anxiety disorder is so intense that individuals avoid certain social situations in order to avoid the accompanying anxiety.

Did you know social anxiety is the most common anxiety disorder? One study showed it effects 8.1% of Canadians in their life time and another showed it effected 13.3% of Americans in their lifetime. Social anxiety is known as the "disorder of lost opportunities". Due to the fear and avoidance that characterizes social anxiety disorder; individuals miss out on optimal educational attainment, employment opportunities and social support.They also report lower levels of life satisfaction and poorer health then the general population. Many people with social anxiety disorder also suffer from depression. Usually it is the social anxiety that appears first and the depression comes later. This could be related to the average onset of the disorder or it could me the social anxiety may have contributed to the onset of depression. There is hope though. Social anxiety disorder can be treated.

If you feel you suffer from social anxiety disorder it would be great to hear from you. What is your experience? What are your challenges? What has been working for you?


Ashley, Health Educator

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