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New Year, New Me!!?


2021-01-19 6:49 AM

Quit Smoking Community


Friends who drink


2021-01-18 8:47 PM

Managing Drinking Community


2 days alcohol and nicotine free. Help!


2021-01-17 5:28 PM

Managing Drinking Community


5 Years Today :)


2021-01-09 9:05 AM

Managing Drinking Community

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Yoga, meditation & Tai Chi

Yoga, meditation & Tai Chi are often recommended to relieve stress. Below you’ll find a list of potential benefits that you may gain as a result of engaging in such activities:

  •  Yoga can help relieve asthma symptoms, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, pain, mental performance, mood, back problems, arthritis, libido, weight and anxiety.
  • Psychology Today reports that individuals observed during and after meditation showed shifts of brain activity from right frontal cortex to the left frontal cortex. The right side of the frontal cortex is a part of the brain that becomes active when stress levels rise. The study also noted that after eight weeks of meditation the shift from right to left in the brains of participants became more permanent. In other words, participants moods were rated higher than at the beginning of the study. (Collin, A., Psychology Today, April 24, 2003.)
  • Tai Chi can help relieve osteoarthritis pain, joint pain & overall mobility, balance, muscle strength and mood.

Have any members here tried these relaxing activities? What was your experience?


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