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Negative core beliefs

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Hi everyone!

Core beliefs are what you believe about yourself, others, the world and your future. The formation of our core beliefs begin when we are young and are rooted in our experiences as children and adolescents.

Our core beliefs are usually unspoken or outside of our immediate awareness. They are often accepted as 100% true and rarely examined for accuracy.

Negative core beliefs are associated with many issues such as low self-esteem, self-worth, depression and anxiety.

A negative life event can activate negative core beliefs about the self, others, the world & the future.

Some examples include …

-A lay-off from work or a break-up could result in feelings such as feeling unlovable or useless

-A person you trust betrays you and begin to believe no one can be trusted.

-You experience a dangerous and violent event and you believe the world is never a safe place and you need to be hypervigelent at all times.

Can you identify a negative core beliefs you may have? Where do you think you formed them?

Take care,


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