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2021-07-25 7:17 PM

Depression Community


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2021-07-22 3:40 PM

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Quitting soon


2021-07-03 6:45 PM

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Managing urges to drink while quitting smoking


2021-07-03 2:22 PM

Managing Drinking Community

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Hi ChronicFroggies,

Welcome and thanks for posting!

First off, congratulations for being brave and writing down how you feel. No one will judge you here. This program is anonymous and there are many people out there who feel exactly the same way you do. Especially during these troubling times, you are not alone.

Feel free to reach out and DM (private message) other members - you will find that the active members in this community will respond to others who they feel they can help, or will offer some advice to based on what they've been through, We all need to get through this together!

One thing that you might notice - how did you feel after posting? Usually people who are depressed or anxious are reluctant to post because they don't know what to say, are worried about how others will respond, or just can't muster up the energy to write.

But guess what? What usually happens is that once someone posts they get a little bump of positivity or accomplishment. Even if that little bump of positivity is fleeting and doesn't last, it does make you feel like you accomplished something. Sometimes that little bump inspires you to do something else, and you do it, and you get that positive feeling again. Beating depression is about "doing" - so congratulations on making that first step!




Im new to this erm group? I am a little unsure of what I should be putting here and its giving me a little bit of a headache thinking about how others are going to respond to this, but here it goes.

I have struggled with anxiety and depression for the past 12 years but have not taken any action until about a week ago when I started Sertraline and my doctor suggested I talk to somebody. In person talking freaks me out so we figured this would work the best for me, for now at least.

Any suggestions on where I should start on this site? Its a little confusing.

Thanks in Advance

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