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I made it a week and then I caved...


2020-11-24 3:32 AM

Managing Drinking Community


Panic attacks after I eat


2020-11-23 3:15 PM

Anxiety Community


Isolation and Social nerves


2020-11-23 3:01 PM

Anxiety Community


Please forgive your mind/body for the anxiety


2020-11-23 2:15 PM

Anxiety Community

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If you can read this then please introduce yourself :)

Welcome Jackie2020,

The fact that you were quit for two months is great! Why do you think those two months were easy for you?

I am sorry to hear about your slip. It is normal for cravings to return full force if we have a slip. That is why it is so important to NOPE - Not One Puff Ever. It sounds like having access to cigarettes triggered the slip. How can you ensure you won't have easy access to cigarettes next time?

Keep us updated on how you are doing.


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How is everyone today.

I'm here today because I quit for about 2 months. At first I found it easy. Then I had a slip, I found cigarettes that someone left in my car and I couldn't resist smoking them. I had 1 or 2 till the pack was gone, but then I craved them soooooo much I went a bought a pack. I still only smoke 1 or 2 but today I finished the other pack I bought and I'm not going to buy any more. Unfortunately, I didn't have the reaction I've others describe when a reformed smoker has a cigarette. I had no negative effects, but nothing pleasurable either, just familiar. I crave cigarette more now then when I first quit after smoking close to a pack a day. I had hoped after 2 months it would be easier not harder.

Ashley -> Health Educator @ May 9, 2019 3:38:00 PM

Welcome Dizzysgirl,

I am glad you stopped by to say hello. Hello to you too 😀

It looks like you are where you are supposed to be. What motivated you to come here now?

Welcome Dizzysgirl,

I am glad you stopped by to say hello. Hello to you too 😀

It looks like you are where you are supposed to be. What motivated you to come here now?

Hi, all new at this and not even sure if i am were i should be. But wanted to say hello :-)

Welcome Milo08,

Thank you for posting! Your son sounds great :)

I am sorry to read how you have been feeling. Check out session 4 (trophy 4) of the Depression Program. It will teach you about cognitive distortions and errors in our thinking that may make us feel worse and make us jump to conclusions. It sounds like you may catastrophize and be very hard on yourself. Working on these thought patterns will likely help you to feel calmer at work.

I think it also helps to vent about stressful situations. Sometimes this can give us new perspective. Unspoken stress, I often feel is the most scary stress, as we often amp it up in our minds. I bet if your husband was available more for you to talk work issues through, you may be more able to cope with work stress and work politics. Please feel free to vent here whenever you feel stressed. You do not have to be alone in your day to day stressers.

How are you doing today?

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What brings me here.........

I am a full time working mom, I am not a single mom but my partner works a lot of hours each day. The last few years I feel the world is against me and everyone expects the world of me. Other than my partner working so many hours my home life is pretty great. My son is so far a model child lol.

And then there is work.... I love what I do but I always feel like people are out to get me. I do a good job and have been told. But if something happens and I have a talking to I jump to the worst case scenarios that could happen. Example being fired. I feel like I can’t say no and I know that is a problem. And if something does not get done I beat myself up over it forever. I feel like I have to please everyone all the time. My work is also very team orientated well I am not part of a team and they have made that clear. I struggle with that like why am I not part of a team. I can’t even talk to them about it cause lately with how I have been feeling I turn into this crying mess, with everything that gets brought up.

I wish I could stand up for myself, I am not even sure if standing up is the right thing to say. Like who is going to take a crying girl seriously in a mans world.

Hello browsers and members!

I have noticed we have had a lot of lurkers on the site recently; but, few people have stopped by to say hello. :(

How is everyone doing? The summer can be a stressful time for people who struggle with anxiety. It can seem like everyone is having a lovely time; but, you might be stuck at home with your anxiety. If you can relate to what that feels like please introduce yourself here. This is a safe space to work on what's holding you back. I would love it if we could get a group of people chatting this summer. Please take some time to say hello. What brings you here?

Ashley, Health Educator

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