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Exposure ideas

6 years ago 0 wendl86 2 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi, thanks so much for your reply its so comforting just to hear from someone else in the same boat :)
 my daughter has just started college now so i don't normally go to her school (im not sure she'd appreciate it haha) but i understand what your saying and really appreciate it, its definitely given me a fresh look at it so thank you.  What are some of your other goals?
6 years ago 0 lecole 4 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi, First off massive well done on going walking distance from your home and the supermarket shopping. I am currently at the stage of walking distance and can only hope that shortly I too can get to the supermarket. I think it's really important to see where you came from to where you are now. Could you perhaps think of smaller steps to get to the parent teacher interviews? As in maybe when you're at the school ask one of the teachers a quick question about the next holiday, or if they have anything due for the following day? This could work as exposure I think, and please mods correct me if I am wrong. That would then gradually build you up from not going to the meeting to saying Hello to the teacher, asking a question etc. Or even see if you can attend a school day where they are holding a concert or something. Get the feeling of the school around you. Build from that and then the parent teacher interviews might actually become enjoyable? In a different way of saying it if you want to swim then you do need to go into the water, but with exposure you don't need to jump right into the deep's okay to walk slowly up to it.
6 years ago 0 wendl86 2 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi after suffering from agrophobia/panic disorder for 8 years i have got extremely good at avoidance and creating a life where i dont need to step out of my comfort zone.  So choosing goals is proving very hard for me as everything included in living a normal life would require far i have got supermarket shopping and walking distance from house ideally id love to be able to attend things like parent teacher interviews (esp since im a solo parent) or go back to work one day or even be able to go on a date...i just dont no what goal to set next to get me closer to living that better life. Any suggestions or sharing of your fear ladder plan goals welcome as i really want to get better i just dont know where to go from here. Thanks

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