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Back Again :)


2022-08-10 8:07 PM

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Quitting again! Anyone else?


2022-08-06 3:17 PM

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Alcohol and Nutrient Deficiencies

Ashley -> Health Educator

2022-08-03 5:46 PM

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Pleasant Activities

Ashley -> Health Educator

2022-08-03 5:44 PM

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Social anxiety and social avoidance

Hi JSScorpio,

I see that you've completed More Help Session 5 (Role Transitions) - great work!

Because your situation is at work you might want to take a look at More Help Session 3, which is titled "Resolving Disputes". An exercise that may be beneficial for you to do is the worksheet called "Communication Analysis". I've included it here for convenience.


At the very least, you can being by laying out the situation in detail and exploring what you may have done to improve the situation with your boss. Remember: you can't control her, you can only control you.

Perhaps start there, and then based on what you learn, discuss possible next steps?

Feel free to Private Message me if you have any questions or if you would like some help!

All the best!


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i Feel everything that you just described but what happens if it’s your boss at work that’s making your anxiety go up and she just don’t know or is not educated enough to understanding metal health issues

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Hi Kittycat1234,

I can only share one little thing, when you say, you'd love to hear suggestions how not to avoid.. there's one little thought that helps me sometimes:

I can have quite bad critics about myself and how I interact with people.

Due to some lucky situations when I have met honest people, I learned that I am not as bad as I often think.

So I am trying to remember those short sentences of honest feedbacks I received from some nice people in the past, and remind myself on them, telling to myself: hey, go and try it, you might not come through as bad as you are feeling about yourself. Give it a try. What can you lose any more than what you have lost in life already?

Not sure of this is helpful to you, as your reasons for avoiding may be different.. but thought, I share anyway, as this is what I can tell to your question.

I avoid all the time when I am feeling depressed or anxious. I know it is a problem. If anyone has ways around this when they feel the urge to avoid I would love to hear. I have trust issues with people in addition to anxiety and depression so I often think people will just stress me out if I spend time with them. I know I need to put myself out their to make friends but I often wonder if it is worth the effort.


When you are feeling anxious and depressed many people just want to hide from it all. Some people will even totally avoid people those they love and care for because they just don`t have the energy to fake being "normal" or they don`t want to keep being a "downer" to other people. Other symptoms of depression and anxiety like low mood, irritability, anger, lack of sleep, lack of concentration can also cause you to have problems in your personal relationships and make it harder to be like yourself.

Do you find that you tend to socially isolate when feeling depressed and/or anxious? What problems have your anxiety or depression caused you in your relationships?

You are not in this alone,


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