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2022-12-01 3:16 PM

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My Quit Journey


2022-12-01 6:50 AM

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Ashley -> Health Educator

2022-11-24 2:19 PM

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Helping another

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I know someone who is a wonderful person, and has so much to give to this world who is struggling with depression and alcoholism. I have been thru many of the same experiences. I am only 43 days AF myself. This person was 3.5 days until today, having said it is all too much and the only respite is to drink. I care so much and I am so desperate to help. I don't want to alienate this person, or hurt them in any way. I try to make light of it and use humour to soften things but the truth is, it is too serious a problem to laugh at. I just don't know what to say or how to help. I have offerred to talk or to be with them in person. We don't know each other very well so maybe it is difficult for this person to completely show their feelings to me.  When I was drinking, I wouldn't listen to anyone, friends, family, loved one could stop me when I wanted to drink. I nearly ruined my life, I can't bear to see this person suffer. Please tell me, is there anything I can do, or say....should I be hard, soft, loving, should I leave them alone to hit their own rock !

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