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How to deal with what ifs

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-09-26 8:40 PM

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The most common anxious thought?

Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-09-26 8:31 PM

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Panic - anxiety - fear


2023-09-21 3:14 PM

Anxiety Community



Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-09-20 3:51 PM

Anxiety Community

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Difficult, hard, miserable times changed my life

10 years ago (Edited 5 months ago) 0 11182 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
I think we all need a little bit of a tune up in our thinking sometimes...actually I think it is a constant work in progress. We would all benefit if we were continually reflecting on our thoughts, the way we work, how we treat other people, how we treat the environment, etc. When we constantly check in with our selves and what we want to value we ensure that we are always pointed in the right direction.   It's nice there are places like this where we can share thoughts like these Ashley, Health Educator


How have difficult times effected you?


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Hi Ashley,
It is so nice and uplifting to read these posts. We all have problems but sometimes we forgot it and think life is perfect.
But the beauty off all of this is that we could put things in perspective if we want and it is in our own hands to change the way we look at the situation. It is very easy to forget that we can challenge our thoughts, that's why just the fact of coming here from time to time serve me as a reminder.
10 years ago 0 11182 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
We all have had those times when everything just seemed wrong. You hate pretty much everything about yourself from your job to your personality. Your life is not going as it should and every aspect seems to need too much work to handle. You may even start to freak out – am I really this old and still haven’t figured things out? Is this what my life is all about? Is this what I am all about? Argh!

Sometimes this may signal the oncoming of depression and in this case get help ASAP. Other times it can be just a bad day and with a good sleep and fresh perspective these thoughts just fade away. Other times they can signal a need that something needs changing. During the period of misery it can be hard to see that you CAN take control. Our choices may get blurry. Our busy lives can push us to continue powering through despite all of our frustrations. But these times have a purpose – they are forcing us to notice something.

When you feel like this take a minute to lift your head… Try to turn away from the crappy feelings for a moment and look to find the root. Try to be objective and act as a spectator - What is making you feel this way? What has changed? Where does it hurt? Where do you need more fulfillment or connection? What are the thoughts running through your head?  What are you avoiding facing? If you pay careful attention sometimes you can find the area or areas that need work. Once found take positive action. Keep in mind sometimes when you feel down everything feels wrong - start with focusing on what you can change. It likely won’t change overnight but don’t lose hope and get lost in the bad feelings… there is a way out. In most cases the way isn’t only a way out but a path to a more fulfilled future. Once found it’s amazing how quickly the feelings change with it! The clouds part and hallelujah you can see the light again! Your life takes on new meaning and your character gets an upgrade as well. These times, the times after the storm, are probably the greatest highs in life. When you fought through the pain and won!

So, next time you feel like garbage take a deep breath and know that you can handle it. It is happening for a reason, even if right at this moment you can’t figure it out.
Ashley, Health Educator

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