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Understanding Panic and Agoraphobia a discussion about symptoms and basic information 3505 16161 Help to: Alternative Thoughts in Advanced Anxious Thoughts Form marko
Goal Setting and Exposure Planning hints, tips, and support 884 5296 Hearing my name called when I wake up Kittycat1234
Mastering Your Fear in Specific Situations doing exposure work 1123 4658 Warmest Greetings! Dr. Trevor van Mierlo, Chief Scientific Officer
Coping with Setbacks support and advice 1878 8149 Relationship anxiety Tulip22
Questions about the Panic Program Education is power! 331 1354 Program Buddies Kittycat1234
Introduce Yourself! Introduce yourself to the group. 3233 11389 If you can read this then please introduce yourself :) Ashley - Health Educator
Your Panic Cycle Exploring patterns and anxious thoughts 719 3519 jobs that are good for the anxiety prone Gary68
Challenging Your Anxious Thoughts learning self-talk 780 3509 When people don't return phone calls Dr. Trevor van Mierlo, Chief Scientific Officer
Relaxation and Lifestyle strategies and techniques 668 3169 How would your life be different if anxiety didn't hold you back? Ashley - Health Educator
Success Stories! Post your successes here. Inspire others. 911 4361 Did it anyhow Kittycat1234
Health Educator´s Corner Daily thoughts, facts and discussion items. What's your take? 2704 9733 How will you be challenging yourself this summer? Ashley - Health Educator

Forum Threads Posts Latest Post
Understanding Major Depressive Disorder A discussion about symptoms and basic information 732 3086 How to support a loved one with Depression Bearwithme64
Medications An exchange of information and experiences (not advice). Share what works and doesn’t work for you. 495 1740 What medication are you currently taking? Ashley - Health Educator
Challenging Your Negative Thoughts Changing negative thoughts and developing a more optimistic, positive outlook on life. 591 2542 Struggling with challenging Negative thoughts Ashley - Health Educator
Relationships A discussion about how depression affects relationships and how relationships affect depression. 798 3478 Need help to save my family and marriage Dr. Trevor van Mierlo, Chief Scientific Officer
Introduce Yourself Introduce yourself to the group 2096 5252 Just been diagnosed and i'm learning how to cope Dr. Trevor van Mierlo, Chief Scientific Officer
Goal Setting and Activity Scheduling hints, tips and support 217 528 Develop important skill Ashley - Health Educator
Core Beliefs and Assumptions help with developing more adaptive core beliefs and assumptions 162 557 strong core belief Ashley - Health Educator
Lifestyle sleep, diet, exercise, relaxation and meditation 233 691 i hate this Ashley - Health Educator
Coping with Setbacks advice and support 699 2388 "Professional support" is months away . . . Gwendle
Success Stories post your successes here. Inspire others! 240 828 My Struggle with Bipolar 2 Ashley - Health Educator
Group Program Discovery Walkthrough each session of the program as a group and discuss program tools 174 892 Has anyone started the program yet? Kittycat1234
Health Educator’s Corner Daily thoughts, facts and discussion items. What’s your take? 2226 4978 Goals and accountability Kittycat1234
Getting Back to Work Are you out of work? Have you recently gone back to work? Share your getting back to work stories here. 150 410 Hiring process; disclosure;Dealing with references Gwendle

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