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40% decrease in
depression and anxiety
symptoms after 4 session
4x chance
of quitting smoking
for good
30% decrease in

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Student Health

Students like our quick, anonymous, mobile-friendly quizzes. Our customized digital health screeners and brief interventions give students personalized feedback on their alcohol or cannabis use, gambling or mental health.
Screeners and interventions require no face-to-face contact with counselors or administrators. On-demand cumulative data reports show how the health of your student population is improving over time.


For employers seeking an ROI-based digital health strategy, your branded solution safely and anonymously helps workers improve their overall health and productivity.
On-demand reports show how your healthy workplace impacts your bottom line, and how your digital health investment is making a difference in the lives of your employees and their families.

Health Plans
and Systems

Effective, evidence-based population health interventions are key to proactively engaging members who need support. Our platform has a 20-year history of building, managing, and rigorously evaluating digital health solutions.
Evolution’s scalable pricing model is designed to ensure that you are only paying for use, and custom ROI reporting outlines how your investment in behavioral health positively impacts the bottom line.

Community Health

Community Health and non-profit organizations work with Evolution Health to provide or expand access to reliable digital resources. Our customizable and branded platform offers a turn-key solution.
Your own version of our screeners and behavior change interventions allow Community Health organizations to support peers, offset waitlists, and expand access to those in rural and remote areas. Detailed on-demand reporting shows how your organization is making a positive impact.

Screening and Brief Intervention

Validated assessments activate behavior change

  • Alcohol Use
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Cannabis Use
  • Problem Gambling
  • Concussion Awareness
  • Smoking Risk

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