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2023-05-28 6:33 PM

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INFO on Champix, quit smoking medication

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2023-05-19 4:23 PM

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Ashley -> Health Educator

2023-05-19 4:10 PM

Quit Smoking Community

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Back Again :)

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I am very happy for you that you have a strong will and do not drink for a long time, it is very motivating! I'm sorry you lost your loved ones. This happens in life, and it is impossible to be prepared for this. You are great for not seeking solace in alcohol, you can be proud of yourself

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I had my last drink in August 2015. Over time, the cravings have become more manageable but I still have them. In my drinking days, I would use good and bad times equally as a reason to drink. In the 7+ years of life without alcohol, I have had my share of good and bad times. Life has a way of showing us that we are not in control of our tragedies. Thankfully, I am now confident in my control over my drinking.

Obviously, this didn’t happen overnight. I understand one slip-up, one drink, and all of my hard work over the past years would be for not. From experience, moderation is not an option. That never worked for me. I would start out with the best intentions but within a short period of time, I would be right back where I started. 

Through the years I have rewarded myself. Now, my reward is knowing I am comfortable with myself sober. Clear-headed mornings are a bonus. :)

Good luck everyone!

3 months ago 0 11158 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0

Hi Lynn123,

I'm so sorry to read about all the loss you have had to endure recently. I cannot imagine the pain and stress you must have (and are) going through. That is truly incredible you overcame your cravings! I think a lot of people would have really struggled with that. You are so strong! Amazing work. I hope you are giving yourself lots of healthy rewards on the regular because you absolutely deserve it. I'm very impressed.

You may not be in control of many tragedies throughout life but you are in control of your drinking and that's such an important feat! What does it feel like to be so in control of your drinking? How long has it been for you now?

So great to read from you! Thanks for stopping by and inspiring us.

Take care,


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Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Life has dealt me a few blows in the past months. The holiday season started with my 58-year-old brother-in-law having a massive heart attack in the gym and passing away. My sister and I lost our dad in April following a short illness. About a month ago, my wife told me she wanted a divorce. 

In the last 10 months, I’ve lost my beloved dad and brother-in-law and have watched my sister and her children suffer through unimaginable pain. This divorce was nowhere on my radar, so my life has been turned upside down.  BUT I am happy to say that I haven’t had a drink. :) I can’t say that I didn’t think about having a drink, but I didn’t. I know that taking that first drink after all these years would have quickly erased everything I accomplished and made my situation worse. 

So, once again, I wanted to say that I am thankful for this site. It helped me be the person I am today. 

Stay strong and good luck wherever you are on your journey!

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