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In group today we talked about Self Care

14 years ago 0 2606 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Thanks for sharing Windsy.
Hopefully attending this group will help keep you busy and give you something to focus your energy on. The collage activity sounds great! Let us know how you make out with yours!
Members, have you made collages or vision boars? In what ways does making these help you?
Samantha, Health Educator
14 years ago 0 72 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Hi There:
I started a group for 8 weeks that started last week.  This week was on "self care".
We did a collage in 2 different groups.  Both groups perceived "self care" differently.
I enjoyed doing the collage, as we all cut out words or pictures that meant to us,
then we put it all together.  It was interesting on the theme, we tried to incorporate
physical, spirtual, mental, fitness, being with your children, shopping, buying body
bath stuff for yourself, pets, stuffed animals, reading, relaxing, inspirational tapes etc....
This week for self care, I am going to the $ store and buying poster board. I am going
to cut out pictures/words and make collages when I feel depressed or in crisis. I also
am going to continue coloring my circles in pencil crayon, or crayons.
The interesting fact was that the woman said.  They will tell other people to look after
themselves but when it comes to self care for them, they can not do it.  They feel
selfish, afraid what others may think, they don't deserve it, they were brought up to
take care of others not yourself.  I am not sure if this is the perception when people
are depressed, or hurt or going thru recovery.   This is OLD tapes, the challenge is
how do we CHANGE that old tape to be positive for us and not negative.
I was in a low mood when I started this group, because my therapist had no time
for me today.  It was NOT my regular 1 hour appointment, and I missed last
week b/c of the holiday.  I understand time restraints, but not the inner part of me.
We did a relaxation exercises on grounding different ways, and we were given
a handout.  I will start a new thread of ways the article suggests.  My rate
on anxiety was a 85 and when I finished, I was calm down to 65, and then
I was on task on the topic.  Thank you, have a good week.  I just wanted
to share this, as I am finding other people have same issues as me.  It can
be here online, or a support group, or a meeting or anything, we are NOT

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